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Mr. Watson Was Left Behind in Ecuador After Booping Sherlock

Yes, it is as the title states.

No, it's not about the famous sleuth duo Mr. Watson and Sherlock Holmes.

He wasn't even supposed to be named. John made the mistake of naming him and we got a little attached. But it only took one thing for us to be fine, leaving him behind.

Look at his cute mug! He was a bit dirty being an outdoor cat but seemed overly friendly and may be owned by someone in town. Also looked pretty well fed and knew that if he meowed at people enough, many would feed him. At one point when we were going to him a snack, he just waltzed right in like he owned the place. Sherlock was, of course, not pleased to have a foreigner invade her home. Since he also looked to be an outdoor cat, he was filthy, tattered, might have had flees but definitely had a tick on him. So we kept our distance and never let him touch Sherlock.

Or so we tried.

Let's rewind a bit.

We moved in and within a few days, this little fellow stopped by meowing at us. Sherlock was enjoying our front porch when he snuck around the side of our building to see her closer. Let me say, that our baby is pretty blind and not very aware of her surroundings. (She's just like her mommy! lol) So watching Mr. Watson slowly creep up closer to see her and Sherlock finally noticing once he was five feet from her was hilarious. Here is one of the moments she had been snuck up on.

This was right outside our door where we hung out every so often. Fresh air, somewhat private area and nature everywhere. We will do a post about the location we stayed at as well. If you haven't read our expense report from living here you should check that post out as well.

Cute isn't he? He knew how to work for the camera giving me some good shots. I had a lot of other shots with his mouth open...he just kept meowing at us whenever he stopped by. Very insistent. Also during our stay we think he was being taken care of since he coat got cleaner and shinier. His ticks (that we saw) were gone and we didn't see any fleas. Though we still weren't going to touch him. Couldn't risk passing something to Sherlock and we weren't sure where the closest vet was for any pet medications.

He had the cutest meow and thought that if we ignored him enough he would go away. We didn't want other cats stressing Sherlock either. But he would keep coming back (unless there were dogs there that usually came with other guests). Don't think he just mewed at us....we heard him frequently stalk the other guests as well!

When waiting, he would find a spot to just relax in. The weather was usually really nice so it didn't matter where he laid down. At one point he was either on our porch roof or in the tree because he just fell out of the tree when he heard us open the door.

Take note of that first picture. Can you see how thin the window ledges are? It's about an inch to inch, and a half at most, thick.

If he meowed enough and we didn't respond...and he knew we were inside, he would make sure we definitely saw him. Then he'd stare at us and just meow.

This is from when the one day he had been napping some where and came to visit with a single leaf stuck to it's side. Coupled with his cute meows and eagerness for attention, how could you not love this little rascal?

But as stated in the title, he booped Sherlock on the nose and that was it. It took Sherlock over a month to not be angered or feel threatened by him. Took a few weeks for her to allow him to approach her, let alone a few weeks to share the same porch. Then in one second she switched back to taking him as a threat. We hope you are still doing well little fluff but our baby comes first! If you happen to swing by Montañita, Ecuador and you see Mr. Watson, please give him a handful of food for us!

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