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Miller September 2022 Update!

Another month has come and gone and here we are in September already. The month of August was extremely busy, just barely enough time to rest and recuperate for the next day...not even enough for the rest of the week.

Tons of medical appointments, a new temporary job...and even though I went through surgery to have my wisdom teeth removed, I barely got a day of rest afterward.

This month should be smoother with less scheduled and planned in general. We had to really force ourselves to make ends meet as the opportunities we tried setting up for us in May, took a few months to finally get rolling. Now with finances -hopefully- taken care of to at least cover our necessities, we can focus on our website, other projects, and our art! We have been both working hard on expanding our art and putting the finishing touches for them ready to be sold. We will announce when we are releasing new stickers and posters of our art and appreciate your support no matter how small the amount. If anything, we are glad people enjoy our art and we hope that it brings a smile to your face when you see it.

Some more updates: I will be having a second ATC (Artist Trading Card) basics class at PPLD East Library here in Colorado springs this September 10th from 3pm-5pm. You can register for the class on the website here. There are limited spots open and they are filling up! You may be able to sneak in even if we are full or you can talk with me to schedule a class for you at a different time.

Below are images from our class in August! You can see the wide range of artistic talent and preferences. Though we mainly focused on drawing and collages this time.

We have these boards at the library in the Makerspace upstairs for you to visit and trade at! The board below on the right is for you to trade your ATCs. You create an Artist Trading Card and trade it for one on the board. This display will be up until the end of September. =) If you are interested in being in an ATC trading group, send us a message so we can take into account who would like to possibly do trades about once a month. Both John and I would love to see and collect a wide variation of art for our ATC binders!

We are also rearranging our ATC binders into 3 separate categories: A binder for the art we have made and that we do not want to trade; A binder for art we have traded for and are not up for trade; And lastly another binder for our art that we are willing to trade. Our collection has grown enough to spread out into multiple binders! Keep an eye out for our upcoming page that will show off the art that has been traded to us or has been made specifically for us. Lots of wonderful art that needs to be seen!

Also coming up ahead is an art Exhibit that will be held Friday, October 7th 2022 located at The Independence Center. We are both excited to be a part of this exhibit and would love to give it a chance to see other art and hopefully sell our own. We are very...special when it comes to selling anything of ours. Our social skills are dreadful and we end up feeling guilty asking for money for what we made...but why should we feel guilty? We put our heart and mind into it, we created it from scratch and with our own ideas...why wouldn't we deserve to be paid for our art? This art exhibit is expected to help give us a small internal boost to support our belief that we deserve to be paid for our art and that we shouldn't be required to always just give it away. =) Not everyone will buy it, but if someone is willing, we shouldn't flat out just give them our art. That's what our ATCs are also for! We make these small pieces of art so we CAN share them. But the art that takes us literally hours per piece? We deserve something. You think it's weird to be so pushy on this aspect, but it took us almost 2 decades to finally take steps in being more confident in what we create. Progress!

Either way, we would love to see you there! =)

The last of our updates: we hope to write more. We struggle with this as it is a VERY different mindset we aren't commonly in. Writing involves certain processes that we rarely cycle through or require a lot of effort and time to get into. Though with our days being less busy, we are going to push and try to complete and publish the 100 posts (Not joking at all) we have been working on and are waiting for at various stages. We have had a lot of experiences that we would love to share as Autistics to help give a different view into how we work, experience, and evaluate life. I hope that you are able to learn a little bit about autistics as well as a little bit about yourself in the process!

I think that's all the updates for now. See you in the next post!

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