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Locked In Art Practice of 2020

So last year, the world basically went into a lockdown due to the COVID pandemic. We normally don't go out much, but because everyone had to stay home and not go out, it was quite peaceful. It also came around the time that we have had doctors insisting we needed to go outside for exercise and more sunlight. Actually, we have had this medical insistence for a year prior and were working on improving on that. Cue, pandemic, and lockdowns and the struggle of still trying to keep this up. Instead, we invested our attention and effort into our previous projects and increasing our skills or knowledge by watching videos or reading. During this time we decided to focus on our art skills! Why not challenge ourselves? We picked a detailed video tutorial and stuck with it for a week per subject. Can you tell who did what?

First Week: Bubbles

We've always wanted to practice doodling bubbles which were a little harder than we expected. But it was worth practicing it for about 30minutes a day! After such a successful week decided to try another!

Second week: Raindrops on Leaves

The focus was to be on the droplets rather than the leaves. We weren't as pleased with the leaves but wanted to also keep close to what the tutorial was suggesting we did. As you can see we occasionally forgot to actually draw the water droplet. We got too engrossed in drawing/coloring in the leaf that sometimes it was too late. Finished a second week and we wanted something more challenging. The leaves only took about 20 minutes tops and being locked in with nothing much to do...we wanted to take up a bit more of that time being productive.

Last week: Realistic Eyes

We are so proud of these!! Again we followed an online video tutorial and by the third eye, we didn't need to watch for the steps. The eyes themselves took us each over an hour to complete and we didn't want to attempt the eyelashes early on. The first ones we attempted took us an hour and a half. Near the end of the week, I think I was able to get to complete the whole eye (with eyelashes) in about 45minutes! If you ask me to do this again today...I'm not sure if I can recreate this as accurately or as quickly as I could then.

I'm possibly thinking of turning a few of these into stickers! Which ones would you like to see most? I'm voting for a few of those bubbles and maybe three or four of those eyes....

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