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Just Wanted to Reflect: Thanks to That Village Inn Waitress!

So this story happened back in early 2016. At that time I was dating a narcissistic and a con artist that didn't care about my suffering. I was still recovering from PTSD, uncontrollable depression, and high levels of anxiety. Well, though I wanted to break up (with conflicting feelings of wanting to stay together), I stayed over since my car had crashed just that night. He picked me up and I stayed there.

Of course, we got into a fight and he blamed me for not getting my 'PTSD' under control. Had even told me that if I got my shit together during the winter we could date again in the spring. WHAT?!? Red Flag. If ANYONE tells you this, they flat out don't care for you and you should run. I already went through something similar with my first abusive ex. Yes, this was my second abusive ex as he also tried to suffocate me one day amongst other things. I was still fighting to find my self-worth so I kind of accepted that behavior. Also, I felt desperate to be with anyone that would accept me in any little way. Having grown up not feeling like I was human or belonged anywhere, I craved acceptance.

So as the story went, we fought early in the morning and he kicked me out. I didn't have my car (It was damaged and waiting to be towed), I had almost no money struggling with jobs, my cell was dead so I couldn't call for help, and in an area of Colorado Springs that I was not familiar with on foot. All I could do was just keep walking away. Crying the whole time but making my way to the more commercial side of town. It took him 45 minutes to finally come after me, almost at the area of town that had commercial businesses.

I was hoping to find a business and ask if I could borrow their phone to call. I first went to a 7-11 gas station to call my parents to pick me up. I always call my dad first, since he is a bit more calm-minded and open to listening to what happened. He didn't pick up so I had to call my mom. She was no help and kept circling around not offering anything of use or blaming me for everything. For what I had already gone through, this was not the time. I already had been suffering and didn't need someone to make it worse. I just wanted to be safe and out of public areas.

Feeling really upset about the lack of support or care from my own mother, I went over to the Village Inn next door to hopefully borrow a charger.

This lady was so sweet. She offered her charging cable and plug so I could get my phone going. On top of that, she brought me a plate of fruit to eat while I sat and cried. On the house. That meant a lot. Just little gestures to show someone cared.

I still remember her frequently (though unfortunately not her name) and still feel so grateful that someone was kind to me that day when I needed it most.

Thank you so much! I hope that you are doing well!


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