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I've Become a Bit Obsessed...

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

So I was supposed to work on a few projects on my list (that have been on there for a few years now). For now the past WEEK I haven't been able to think about anything else or switch to any other activity. Even while at work I get annoyed and upset that I HAVE to at least complete work before I can get back to working on my project. It angers me and then becomes exhausting trying to calm myself down and not have it affect me. Except after downloading an app and being able to read online comics/manga for free, I've been spiraling down another project I've wanted to try for the past few years. MUST WORK ON IT. Every waking moment is working on and planning different aspects of this story...

I've always wanted to write an Isekai...ok more like I've always wanted to BE in an Isekai. Or at least try a do-over in life with the knowledge and understanding I have now. Just because I finally feel like I can function (free from parts of my life controlled by mental illnesses) and take advantage of my abilities/skills. But I still need time to work on some of the leftover damages and fixing unhealthy or stagnant coping methods.

Anyways, John and I love to watch the Isekai genre with us picking up a few new ones in anime and me with the manga app. There really is an annoyance with the same repetition but that is also the familiarity that brings us comfort. That's autism for ya. Makes sense why I rewatched a LOT of the same tv shows or movies all the time. Even if it was just for background noise while I worked on other things. I've been scanning through tons of older and lesser-known Isekai and at least enjoying seeing what direction each author wanted to focus on for their Isekai story.

Well, I've been working on ours for the past week and everything else has been fading into an annoyance. I have this anxiousness and need to be working on it all the time. I'm a bit worried at this stage though...either I get annoyed and upset with constantly being pulled back to this topic while ignoring all other responsibilities or I just stop being obsessed suddenly and never get back to the project. So it sits unfinished forever. I don't want that! I want to actually finish my projects so I'm trying to only start and work on a few at a time.

I'm not great with drawing consistently and my skills fluctuate daily which don't really align with my free time and being in the right mindset. So it's better I don't stress about that part and hire someone who is a little more familiar with the comic/manga format. I'll need funds but John agreed we can hire someone for the first few pages. I just need to have the ideas planned out (which I have been working on). I'm going to be fleshing out an older story/world I had started in high school. It is going to take some time as I have to pull out all my old notes about the characters and world details. It'll be fun!

I already have laid out the first chapter (or if webtoons more like the first two chapters). I've been sketching out how I want the comic to look but not with a lot of detail as I'm more trying to just give an outline. I'm really excited about where this is going. While working I'm piecing parts together. It sucks I can't write stuff down while I work so I tend to get stuck in sections until I get home and write that down. My memory isn't great so I try not to come up with too many new things or I'll forget everything. Writing things down helps my mind let them go and move on to making other new connections.

I'll post the beginning of the comic/manga once we have at least the characters drawn out. I'm looking for a slightly different drawing style than Japanese-style manga/anime. But we will see depending on the skill and price available at the time. I'm hoping you'll enjoy it as much as I do!

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