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Fun Story Time! The Ring, The ER Room, and FIVE Firefighters.

Updated: Oct 31, 2022

So this story happened back in 2017 around Christmas time when we were looking for possible engagement/wedding rings. I had bought a ring online, liking the style and really hoping it would fit John's finger. We did some estimation sizing but you never really know how well it will fit until you actually try it on. With the price we were paying and the seasonal temperature (which does affect the sizing of the knuckle ever so slightly but just enough), it would be a little bit of a gamble.

The ring came in a few weeks later and John was eager to try it on. It slipped on pretty easily with a little effort around the knuckle. Unfortunately, this may not have been as easy as previously thought since it now sitting on the correct part of his finger, it started swelling. Slow, but with the further efforts we put in to try and remove the ring: soap, oil, paper, or string to slide over the knuckle.

Why didn't we just cut it? Because it was a titanium ring and we didn't have any tools that would cut through that. Since it was long past the time when stores closed and his finger was turning color, we had to go to the ER to have it quickly removed.

We walked in, mostly ok despite John having his finger turn clearly purple. The nurses weren't sure what to do as they don't typically carry very heavy-duty tools there. They did bring some basic tools and give those a shot, just to be faced with the fact that they will require a bit more than what they could offer.

It was only about 10-15minutes later when the fire department showed up. There were five firefighters that poured into our little room. It was both frightening (too many people) and yet hilarious (too many people for a small incident in a small room). These big guys all looking serious and tough, ready to help a civilian out but servicing a call about a ring stuck on a finger.

We really weren't sure as to why all five of them came in (the nurse told us later they just needed the tools and maybe one guy to bring it in and use it). Later we realized we were half expecting the firehouse dog to show up since most of the department showed up. But the whole medical side of the incident they did take seriously (with a bit of fun seeing as we weren't in distress). Some flair as they picked up the glass container full of ear swabs from the counter and just dumped it. Then filling it with water for them to use with their power tool over a plastic tub. It all took about 15 minutes total.

It was a late stop with a bit of pain but a lot of fun memories. We think everyone there had a smile from what happened. The firefighters were laughing and smiling as they left, the nurses (and doctor) were smiling as we left. We are sure they are going to be telling others about it as well.

Gotta say this wasn't the only funny ER visit at night we've had since but we are hoping to not have to go to the ER ever again! If you can, try to lighten the mood for others when you are capable of it. They work hard, long hours to help keep us alive and are under a lot of strain.

I wonder what other fun memories we will be collecting in our future years together?

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