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Content Creator: Travel Edition!

Since I noticed that we had quite a few channels we follow that involve traveling to other countries, cultures, or times, I wanted to have a separate list just for this topic. They are not in any particular order of preference. Except for the first one. The first one should be watched first. ;D All else can be in whichever order you prefer.

One of our favorite channels. The host typically visits local food restaurants or factories in various countries and gives us a view of how food is made, packaged and sold. He will try just about anything (except cucumber) including animal heads, tails, feet, and yes even testicles. The cultural norm is very different around the world and he wants to eagerly share what people see as 'normal' in their world. The cuisine he has consumed would either amaze or possibly disgust you. But he does it so you don't have to but can still learn more about it. It's a wild ride with every episode and he makes it a joy to watch. This should be top of the list!

One of the youngest people to ever have been to every country in the world. It is a fun journey to watch videos and get that experience of other cultures from the comfort of your own home. We do enjoy watching the more mysterious, questionable, and unrecorded areas of the world. There is just still so much about the world that is going unnoticed and we want to know what that is!

Though he has other content on his channel, we only watch him for his travel reviews in Africa and Eastern Europe. He visits some high-priced and low-priced locations (or reviewed areas) and lets us see what it is like. Some of the money he spends on his channel is ridiculous but we are glad he is doing it and not us!

A travel channel following a bald guy that loves to travel to a lot of unvisited/unexplored places. He has some odd obsession with anything 'soviet' but he does show and explain a lot of the history that had occurred in locations he stops at. Worth watching a few videos starting in a country you are interested in and go from there. He is quite a fun fellow to watch and explore with!

This guy focuses on mostly fruits and fruiting plants. It is a crazy realization when you see that there are so many different kinds of fruits in the world as well as many variations. What fruits you grew up eating may have been altered over years and years, looking nothing like their original form. Take a look at a few videos that look interesting to you and then see which one you'd like to try from your local grocery store or ethnic market!

They were our inspiration and motivation to go to Ecuador! When life flipped over and we were struggling to just stay afloat, we came across their channel and the discovery of Ecuador. One of the cheapest countries (and safest for the price) that we could go to and jump to the top of our list. Our families didn't believe us when we said we were going but after we have gotten back they haven't doubted us. Amelia and JP did well to help give us quite of bit of information to start out with. It also helped that we came from a similar background (living in Denver Colorado) and somewhat similar health conditions (pain from living at high altitude). The cost and health we were suffering here was a good enough connection for us to trust their word. We are truly grateful for their channel and hope you find that channel as well that inspires you to explore this world!

This channel takes a deeper look into Asian culture and their outlook on life. They do a wonderful job of getting a good look at the different aspects that make up the Asian culture and how even different ethnicities within the Asian culture vary or are similar. Sometimes they also ask current event questions so the rest of the world could see how they are responding to it. If you are ever curious about Asian culture or are wanting to go visit, this is a must-watch channel for you.

Though this isn't necessarily following someone around and seeing the sites, it does travel to a lot of well-known or recognizable locations. Many have a deep history that could have been lost to time. If you have ever been to a theme park, you may find its documentary here and why it collapsed or disappeared. Some may have survived but adapted to modern times. This is an odd lens through the world, looking at how entertainment had evolved and the roles of science, engineering, and human behavior come into play.

Another documentary channel that does travel both in location and in time. Ever heard of overlapping planes of existence? I feel like that exists when you step out of your era and see what happened on this planet long before we were born. They walked, talked, and grew up on the same ground. They were the ones who also could have altered it. What was it like before they arrived? How did it change after? There are so many questions that when answered, transport you to somewhere completely new.

In line with the last channel mentioned, David does well in getting a glimpse about the past and how previous generations had thought or acted at the time. Human patterns will always persist. Whether people understand the cycles or not. Goes to show that just because a generation came from a different era, each older generation generally has the same view on the upcoming kids. As a 30-year-old, I'm already seeing similarities I have with those in their 80's addressing the new kids growing up...Young whippersnappers and their new-fangled music!! (honestly....who took mumble rap seriously?)

A young adult that travels around mostly shocking people of his fluency in various languages. It is hilarious to see native speakers react when a foreigner is able to clearly communicate with them. Sometimes in rare dialects. He also goes around asking people for their opinions and gives personal, in-depth interviews of the common people who make up the cities.

Though this isn't a focused 'travel' channel. It's still a travel channel through cultures and time. It takes a look at humanity's journey through resources and tools. Andy, the host, takes us through the steps that lifetimes of civilizations had worked on to master. A lot of that information had been lost to war and time. But what we do have and what has survived, has a vast history worth exploring. It may inspire you to try your hand at recreating something from scratch!

This is our list of travel content creator channels. These are the ones we go to when we want to learn beyond ourselves. Being autistic, we tend to have a diagnosable flaw in that it is sometimes difficult for us to step into other's shoes and see through their eyes. We have our own intense feelings and it tends to get overly muddled. Watching these channels allows us to experience what is blind to us and get a better understanding of those around us as well. We use this to help prepare us for future world travel! (Also we are eager to make things from scratch like build our home from basic resources or learn how to recycle various items into reusable items. The world is surprisingly complex and vast. Keep learning. Keep going.


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