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Content Creator Recommendations!

Updated: Feb 12, 2022

We spend a lot of time absorbing information via YouTube and various similar websites. For this list, we will not be including any political channels we follow. Politics is just the pretty words and manipulation of such parts of life. The purpose is more for learning more about the world: science, food, culture, architecture, travel, etc. Something that challenges your current understanding of life and allows you to see how vast our world is.

A gaming channel that takes games to another level. Now, this content creator really puts a lot of effort and time into his videos. His main goal: push the game to its limits to see how much he can do (more like what his computer can handle) or how much the Devs may not have intended you to do in certain games. We are shocked by what he is able to accomplish and breakthrough games with tons of hilarity. If you need something hilarious and light, definitely look into this channel.

Rated R for language since Chef Ramsey has a sailor's or military mouth on him as he directs his shows. We have learned so much about cuisine in general and how to properly maintain a kitchen just by watching this series. It does follow a very familiar pattern in every episode, but as Autistics, we love it best because it lowers our anxiety by having some predictability. It's a joy to watch those who deserve a good shake to reality get the consequences they deserve and manage to turn their business around with Ramsey's help. It's also heartwarming to see him rarely love the food served to him and the chefs who made them beam with pride that THE Chef Ramsey liked their food. We both would strongly recommend watching his show and see which restaurants survived the struggle and managed to keep their business going. Sadly, many who joined the show were too far in debt and too late that they have long since closed.

So this one doesn't necessarily teach you new things, but it does give a good background comedy list to put on while you work on other projects with light mental activity. We noticed we do well with some art projects when playing this in the background as it doesn't require our direct attention. It helps on days that are dragging and need a pick-me-up. We use comedy to get ideas and patterns down of how to gather information and present it in a humorous way. Some things go over our heads but generally, we enjoy comedians and their ability to be flexible with the English language. Not ALL are good or will fit your preference, but there are many that quickly become your fave!

Meet Tyler. He experiments with various items and objects. Many of them are soaking in a glass jar for a month to see what happens to them. He also tests out various items such as weapons from wish or amazon, subscription boxes, and more. Our interest was in how materials respond to being soaked in various liquids, which challenges our understanding of chemistry. A great channel to check out on certain products such as various tapes and glues you may need for different projects as well.

One of our artistic faves. He creates beautiful art and practical items with resin. He inspired us to follow that path and see what we could accomplish with that material. Some of his creations are just astounding and worth watching. We don't always watch it in full length and tend to skip around through the process to just get an idea of how he made it.

Adorable Korean Grandma and her granddaughter do reacts to various topics. Granddaughter has some experience in the USA having lived in (I believe) NY for some time. However, her grandmother is experiencing everything for the first time.

This channel has both a level of excitement and a level of terror to it. They speak to many North Korean defectors who have willingly shared their story and it's mindblowing to learn what they had suffered through. The human rights violations being hidden for years that many are willing to die to escape from. Kim Jung-ah is a former military officer who shares her stories and is such a sweetheart. Her reactions to the world and how people have received her (despite the lies being told to her while in North Korea), will make you cry. It is a great channel that sheds light on many aspects of the locked-out country we have been curious about. Definitely watch a few of these videos.

What was once a gaming channel turned into a strong medical review on past cases. We both believe once he focused on his medical side, his channel took off. The way it was set up flows well in delivering the case, the stories, and breaking down what the terms mean so you can learn along. He may need to find a new platform to post since Youtube had censored one of his videos for explaining that '-emia' in medical terms stands for 'blood'. Yeah, ridiculous. It is a very professional and informative video that does not hold bias. Watch one of his medical reviews and see for yourself.

One of Michelle's favorite channels for learning about mental health from some very well learned and versed medical professionals. Even the host who is interviewing people is very professional and respectful throughout the whole thing, even during some vulnerable and tough topics. Even from someone who has suffered and learned a lot of what is being taught, it is a great reminder and tons of strong key information that everyone should learn. No matter where you are in life, you will find something that will help you. I do NOT recommend using this as a substitute for seeing a medical professional. Many diagnoses overlap and can not be easily identifiable just by watching videos. I had been misdiagnosed as having bipolar and borderline to find out I'm just Autistic with overlapping PTSD. And I had been MISDIAGNOSED by actual medical professionals. It took years of digging and to find the right business that solely focuses on diagnosing to get my accurate diagnosis (from 2 with PhDs and 1 with a Master's). Still, this is a great place to understand general information about different topics, but tentatively ask your medical professional if it applies to you (while giving evidence to support why you think so). Then go from there. Good luck with your learning!

A fun and light channel that enjoys laughter and craziness. He is a likable guy and fun to listen to....(though sometimes we wonder how deep he thinks about things...). We still enjoy his sincerity and positivity. If you need to look at life and laugh, he's the guy!

This one is a bit of a niche but if you understand how DND plays, it's a fun remix of other topics. At first, I really enjoyed it because it always followed a consistent structure (the game of DND) with surprising twists. They've started releasing one every Sunday and it's a fun treat to have to start off the new week!

And that's our list of some of our favorite content creators! Our travel edition of this topic will come out a bit later. Following that, we may release the more specialized niche that we watch (more like John since it's some high-level science that is over my head). But I do appreciate that such intelligent people are able to show off some amazing feats with science that would have made me LOVE science class as a kid if I saw these videos then. Keep your eye out for more coming up!

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