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Anime Updates: The Unsatisfied Trio

Updated: Oct 25, 2021

It's natural for a story to start out decent and then as the show progresses you can tell the quality begins to drop. This tends to make us lose interest and want to just do other things or watch something else. Sadly, this happened to us with the following two.

The first one is called Spirit Chronicles and we decided to stop watching after episode 5. It started out with the basic Isekai premise. With how they portrayed it, it sounded like there was going to be more of two souls in one body experiencing this world. However, that direction died out like halfway through the first episode. We thought they might bring it up more later on but still not a hint of that. Since we are interested in the mental state of DID or multiple personalities, this was going to be a fun take. Nope. What a letdown. The characters all the other typical cliché Isekai characters. There isn't much of a unique spin to tell it apart from any other. So we are deciding to drop this.

Next is Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai. It's a remake and is full of nostalgia for me. I loved playing Dragon Quest Gameboy games and still own a few of them (I'm not losing my progress!!). I thought there would be a lot of familiar memories I could relive. It was sadly quite different. Possibly there was a translation error so we kept going as it was pretty close. However, the story just seemed to drag on with characters I only half like. I'm also annoyed how many times some of these characters die just to magically appear again right in the nick of time to save one of our main heroes! Yeah, we didn't care for that. It just slowly died out for us as nothing stood out too much to keep our attention. If I want to relive these memories, I'll just replay my games (which isn't a bad idea anyway).

They do have a decent background story for each character, but none are characters I remember from any of the games I played. So again, another thing that created some distance between me and anime.

Drugstore in Another World: The Slow Life of a Cheat Pharmacist was quite a letdown. It's a great light series but doesn't really have very unique characters, settings, events, etc. They barely ever leave the store! The main character is likable but not enough to hold the show. The little wolf girl is annoying, causing trouble as a child with little to no discipline. There is a ghost girl too...except it's hard to believe she's a ghost. The little cows' lick on her head was supposed to somehow indicate she's not alive. The storyline and flow are slow and ok...only one episode I think was fun and that was with the overly stressed noble who went on a killer rampage. He keeps insisting he's a pharmacist and not an alchemist....yet creates combinations that no pharmacist would do: beast repellent, weapon/armor polish, super glue, etc. I'm ready to drop this one but John may want to just pull it up and have it play in the background.

What other anime will we keep up with or drop this upcoming month?

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