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"Stencil This!"

What if you looked at some regular items differently? Words and letters are just curves and straight lines. So why not take advantage of some stencils and create a geometrical pattern? Let's experiment with overlapping shapes!

Take Out Your Materials

In this kit, you are given two stencils, a pen, and two colored pencils. two ATC blanks and 2 ATC backings, Feel free to pull any other materials you may have on hand such as colored pens or permanent markers.


Assess Your Shapes

Take a look at your available gaps and the shapes they each create. If needed, grab a scrap of paper to draw out each shape next to each other to see your pieces.


Draw A Design

You can either have a focused topic (i.e. dog) or try a geometric pattern. Lay each shape next to each other (without overlapping) until the whole card is covered. Use the colored pencils to fill in each opening or fill each with a different pattern!

stencil atc video

stencil atc video

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