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What Does Liberty and Freedom Mean To Me?

Both terms overlap. Liberty is the condition of being free from oppressive restriction or control by a government or other power; servitude; confinement; or forced labor. Freedom is the state of liberation from slavery or restraint.

A lot of people like quoting this quote and lamenting that America doesn't do this. Except, in order to respect those who have fled to America and are building their lives, we have to balance the amount who come in with how stable our economy is with our current residents. To respect the freedoms and the liberty of those who are already here and established, we must stick to these rules. Many have already waited their time or paid their dues in order to make this their home country. They deserve our greatest respect and allow them to have a chance at making something with their lives here. Overpopulating and flushing the labor market can ruin chances for those who genuinely want to start over and grow here.

Many speak about respecting immigrants yet don't ever take into account those who are already here, trying to get stable, to build a foundation, or trying to move up. The ones that have already gone through and PASSED our background checks! They deserve praise and encouragement. And as born citizens of this country, we should be grateful that they are willing to work alongside us and help push our country into something greater with their contribution. Even if they, themselves do not directly make an impact (such as building skyscrapers or playing the markets and winning big), their connections with their community can be the inspiration or motivation for the one that actually breaks waters. Either way, they will still have a large impact wherever they settle.

We have to remember that Liberty and Freedom begin to lose their meaning if you happen to take from some just to give or 'protect' others'. Just because you don't like someone's beliefs or lifestyle does not mean that they are wrong. Each has the right to pursue their life the best way they see fit, as long as it doesn't directly interfere with another's rights.

Liberty and Freedom are to be protected. Once lost, it is almost impossible to get it back. Especially without more loss of life. This is why to prevent more loss of life is to protect what our past soldiers and martyrs had died for continuously and without fail.


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