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Updated Anime List We Are Watching

I was only going to do one of these this month, however, the number of new shows we watched and how many had ended the first week of this month kind of changed my opinion. I'd like to share some really good ones. These will not be in any order of preference.

*(NEW!) denotes that this series/season started in July 2021.

1) (NEW!) How a Realist Hero Rebuilt the Kingdom, (aka: Re:CONSTRUCTION)

Though this anime follows the trope pretty well, it takes a different look at rebuilding a kingdom using our modern knowledge while also understanding the larger picture of managing resources and dealing with diplomatic or war relations. This is something we love to see explored as most Isekai circle around romance and OP magic. This also feels a bit more realistic to us (minus what the king suddenly does in episode 1 or 2). But this show holds promise that it will be a well-thought-out series. Hoping for something similar or along the lines of Log Horizon level but I doubt that.

2) Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun Season 2 (aka: Mairimashita! Iruma-kun)

This is honestly one of our favorites. They have the perfect blend of innocent and cute with dark and serious moments. Just adorable all around and we always watch this first when it comes out. This is the second season and it did just as well as the first season!! I love the twist they threw in for Iruma and his behavioral change. It was thrilling and I highly recommend you watch this series!!

3) (NEW!) My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom! Season 2

Another continuation with season two. We were surprised on this one that it actually came up with a good direction and is playing it out similar to the first season. Though this part is not represented in an Otome game she had played, it still is very close to the first season style. Such a fun series that is light and hilarious.

4) Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge (aka: Perfect Girl Evolution or The Wallflower)

Not a new series but we started it earlier this month. One of our favorites as well and we sped through this way too quickly. Sadly, they didn't turn all of the manga chapters into episodes and missed out on a lot of character development. So for this one, I may recommend reading the manga instead. Sunako is adorable and badass. She should be better well-known and I hope more become huge fans of hers. We would LOVE to see a remake of this series and including in the missing chapters.

5) (NEW!) I'm Standing on a Million Lives Season 2

There is a lot of season two series coming out this month and we are SO glad for that! This just goes to show that the first season was good enough to keep going! And this is a fascinating and different take on Isekai where they are kind of stuck in another world but also are able to head back to their own world for short periods of time. It's actually a bit dark and deep in meaning considering what they have to suffer through. The first few episodes will be a lot of new information, so if it doesn't immediately turn you away, try and stick with it until you get the flow of how the show goes.

6) (NEW!) The Dungeon of Black Company

This I kind of wanted to hate. However, there are a lot of characters that I typically hate first meeting but are that way so they can go through character development. And considering his background before he got transferred...I wouldn't blame him for being such an asshole. I think we are now on episode 3 and it got past the 'beginning chapter' and finally looks like it is going to take off in the direction they were hoping. It took two chapters to collect the main characters, set up the setting, and give you the goal they are planning on. Now I hope is where the real fun begins!

7) (NEW!) Peach Boy Riverside

This one is surprisingly NOT an isekai. I will point this out: Isekai is a familiar and comforting theme that we heavily rely on. It just puts our anxieties at ease with watching a show that follows a known pattern. It's also fun to point out the differences between the different series. I'll go more into that later. THIS anime is fun. If you know the Japanese story about the peach boy, then you will get a better idea of what is going on. We are on episode 3 or 4 and it's already taking a surprising turn. Definitely watch the first episode to see if it's for you.

8) (NEW!) That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Season 2

Yes, it is the second season!! Earlier this month they had just finished the fluff arc after the first season ended. It's turning out better and better and we are starting to see more of the bigger world now. Kingdoms are pairing up and becoming allies, demon lords wanting to start wars and many larger-scale surprises are up next. This series I haven't heard anything bad about (yet). I've seen that Rimiru is one of the top favorite Isekai characters these days. He is living up to that!

9) (NEW!) Drug Store in another World- The Slow Life of a Cheat Pharmacist

This anime I am not as pleased with but I am hoping it will improve. There isn't anything that I particularly hate about it but it does give me some ideas of what I would want to include in my Isekai if we ever write one. John likes this one so we keep watching it. It's a very light and easy anime that doesn't look like it will get too serious. So if you need an escape from life (unless you are a pharmacist), then sit back and enjoy!

10) (NEW!) Spirit Chronicles

This is a fun find. A boy that shares a body and memories with the boy he reincarnates into. He ends up having the skills and demeanor to grow exponentially. I think only 4 episodes are out right now and we are happy that the storyline is shifting away from the typical academy setting. Now to see where this goes but we are actually pleased with the main character and hope he succeeds.

How many of these have you already watched or were planning on watching? Give these a chance and let us know if any of them surprised you!


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