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What Anime Are We Currently Watching?

As new anime or new seasons come around, our list changes throughout the year. We use Kickassanime or Watch Anime Now for our streaming and hope you can find some good ones there too! Since this post came right at the cusp of some seasons ending, we will include them at the bottom. Since they should be coming out with the following season. We will still add them below by our listed preference. Some days we tend to not watch anime and it piles up for the day we are free and mentally prepared. When we have a few options, there are a select few that we will ALWAYS watch first as well as a few following in a specific order after.

So let's begin!

"Based on a fantasy comedy shounen manga by Nishi Osamu.Suzuki Iruma, human, 14, one day finds himself taken against his will into the world of demons. To add to his predicament, his doting owner and self-appointed "Grandpa" is the chair-demon at his new school. In order to survive, Iruma must deal with a haughty student who challenges him to a duel, a girl with adjustment issues, and so many more scary beings! Can this ultimate pacifist dodge the slings and arrows that are flung his way? As he struggles frantically, Iruma`s innate kindness begins to win over enemies."

This is such a cute, unique, and fun anime. Iruma-kun is a family-friendly show and well thought out. The first season was adorable and exciting. The second season was a huge surprise twist and now it's building up to what will be another fun season ahead! If you watch only one of anime from this list: THIS is the one you should watch!

"Based on a fantasy light novel series written by Baba Okina and illustrated by Kiryuu Tsukasa.In another world, the Hero and the Demon King continued to oppose each other. As their great magic collided, the explosion crossed over worlds and destroyed a classroom full of high school students. The victims who died in that explosion will be reincarnated in that alternate world. Our heroine, who has the lowest standing in the class, was reincarnated into a spider. She nevertheless faces this challenge head-on with great determination, and adapts to it surprisingly quickly. This is the story of how our protagonist, who was reborn as a weak spider monster, does whatever needed to survive."

"Based on a fantasy shoujo light novel series written by Tachibana Yuka and illustrated by Shuri Yasuyuki.Sei, a 20-year-old office worker, is whisked away to a whole new world. Unfortunately for Sei, the ritual that summoned her—meant to produce a "Saint" who would banish the dark magic—brought two people over instead of one. And everyone prefers the second girl over Sei?! But this is just fine by Sei, who leaves the royal palace to set up shop making potions and cosmetics with her newfound magic. Business is booming, and this might not be such a bad life, after long as she supposes Sainthood doesn`t come back to haunt her."

Another very PG anime that touches upon some interesting differences in an isekai. I am fascinated by the differences in each isekai that we like to watch, hovers, or circle around a slightly different theme. For this, not one girl gets transferred but TWO in the summoning. Except, only ONE is the summoned Saint and the just another girl that accidentally got teleported too? How would their life be when they realize they are trapped in another world, are just regular citizens now, and cannot return home? It's a pretty gentle anime and a good breath of fresh air.

"When a dragon fails to live up to the fearsome standards set for him, his family kicks him out. He embarks on a quest to find a new home but soon finds that life on the road is no place for a cowardly beast of legend. In a fantasy world full of elves, dwarves, and other mythical creatures, where everyone wants a piece of him - literally! - the frustrations of house-hunting reach a whole new level."

This one is cute. The first episode or two annoyed me a little. The main character is a whiny little kid that gets kicked out and is to find a new home. As the story progresses, he grows little by little, gaining some life experience with his new travel companion. Not an isekai but a fun traveling anime as we watch this cowardly dragon find a new home.

"After dying of overwork in the real world, I’m reincarnated as an immortal witch, and I spend 300 years enjoying a relaxing life. At some point, though, I end up at level 99! All those years spent killing slimes to make the money to pay the bills gave me a ton of experience points. Rumors of the level 99 witch spread, and soon I’m up to my ears in curious adventurers, duelist dragons, and even a monster girl calling me her mom! I’ve never been on an adventure, but I’m the strongest in the world… What’s going to happen to my relaxing life?!"

Another take on the Isekai genre! For this one, though there is still some mild fan service, it mostly focuses on an all-female group. Instead of having a 'harem', she basically grows a family. Pretty wholesome and overall a great anime to watch. A fun light anime that doesn't get too rough and serious, so if you need an escape from life for a bit: this will help!

This is the summary for the first season if you haven't watched it. Otherwise it's just a continuation of the first season you have watched.

"In regards to the MMORPG Cross Reverie, Sakamoto Takuma boasted an overwhelming strength that was enough for him to be called the Demon King by the other players. One day, he gets summoned to another world with his appearance in the game. There, two girls insist, "I am the real summon master." Takuma gets slave-turning magic used for summoned beasts cast on him by the girls. However, the peculiar ability "Magic Reflection" is invoked! The ones that were turned to slaves were the girls! Takuma is bewildered. He's the strongest magician but, he doesn't have any social skills. Panicking, the first words that come out are the ones that he used inside the game role-playing the Demon King?! "I'm amazing you say? Of course I am. I am Diablo... The one feared as the Demon King!" This is the story the Demon King (acting) that would soon inspire the world and his other world adventure that he plunges through with his absolute strength, raise the curtain! (Source: MU, edited)"

This show has a LOT of fanservice. Though we don't like it, we do love the anime series with the unique characters, unique problems, and fascinating storyline. It also is hilarious how realistic a gamer might be being thrust into these situations and have to play it off as someone bigger than himself. Inner anxiety on trying to fit a persona to help him survive that world is relatable.

"In an unexpected turn of events, dull high school student Hiro Yuuki obtains the full dive role-playing game Kiwame Quest. Created by the best of technology, the game claims to take "reality to its extremes," from stunning graphics, NPCs' behavior, to the scent of vegetation, and even the sensation of wind brushing against the skin—everything was the result of an ultimate workmanship. Except, the game is a little too realistic and messy to clear. Kiwame Quest features over ten quadrillion flags and reflects the players' real-life physical abilities in the game. Being hit in the game also hurts in real life and slash wounds take days to heal. The only reward here is the sense of accomplishment. Conquer the most stressful game in history that can't be played casually!"

Oh man, this anime. The start was ROUGH to watch. Just because if you grew up in these shitty (sorry for my language but that is the LEAST I could call it) situations, you can feel those painful memories well up a bit. Stick with it for at least 4 episodes to start getting over that hump while starting to have some better luck. There is a bit of fan service and violence but just enough to kind of push the story forward. I think it wasn't until at least halfway through the season where we start seeing things going in his favor. Such a rough anime that sort of stresses us out with familiar incidences in our lives. I guess this anime also counts as an Isekai since the main character gets transferred into the digital world to play the game. If you want a weird, a bit pervy and to enjoy someone else's suffering/struggles, you will want to watch this.

If you haven't watched Season 1, I recommend you start there first. It's a WILD ride and you don't want to miss any of it. It is such a rich anime that covers so many aspects of being thrown into a new world. Especially when you come from a world far more advanced and are able to use that knowledge to better your new world. I have to say, I really love their characters and storyline. With the Slime Diaries, you also get small stories that go more in-depth of certain parts of Season 1 or side stories to get to learn more about main characters to some side characters. There is a lot of care from the creators that goes into this series.

""Dear diary... I got reincarnated as a slime."Even in another world, lives aren`t always on the line. There`s plenty of work to be done, from feeding the community and forging the items the community needs; as well as plenty of play ...and hijinks throughout! Join Rimuru and friends as they kick back and enjoy their daily lives."

The Slime Diaries we have been watching for the past few months as a filler before the new season begins. It just so happens that the first episode of season 2 came out at the very end of June! If you haven't watched the first season, definitely start there and you will have hours of entertainment ahead of you!

"Turns out, evil takes initiative! With world domination close at hand, the Kisaragi Corporation turns its sights on interstellar conquest, and who better to take over a magical world than two randomly assigned minions - Combatant Agent Six and his android partner Alice? But Six’s path up the evil corporate ladder won’t be easy - a Demon Lord’s army is hatching its own nefarious plan!"

The story is fascinating and the characters....questionable but interesting. A lot of fan service but we learn that these moments are somehow needed for the storyline. A different take but we went for it. The main characters are an odd bunch, definitely not ones you would call 'heroes' but they get the job done (mostly?). If you are ok with PG-13 themes, then this one might amuse you!

"Based on an adventure fantasy manga written by Sanjou Riku and drawn by Inada Kouji. The 37-volume manga ran in Shueisha`s Weekly Shonen Jump from 1989 to 1996 and is based on the video game series Dragon Quest."

I loved this game growing up and still have some of the original games. So when I saw this series I was excited. Come to the show and...a few things are very different than the games. But it must be due to translation differences. So because of that little caveat, I am not as happy with this series as I thought I would be, but it still touches upon nostalgia for me. It's also hard to watch a character with the name 'Dai' that gets repeated A LOT. I keep thinking they are telling him to 'die' and that humor detracts me from the story. Otherwise, I do like the characters and the storyline. It makes me want to go back and play my classic games and relive the fun!


So which of these would you want to watch? How many of them are going to be on your list? If you really enjoyed any of these, let us know! Hope you have a few more good series on your watch list to keep you entertained.

I wonder what great new anime will be started in the month of July?

Until next time!

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