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Stubb's Sauce: A Surprising Find.

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

We came across this sauce a little while ago while looking for new BBQ sauces. Though that time was strenuous and stressful, we wanted to enjoy good food to improve our mood. John experimented with different foods and sauces to create amazing dishes! This happens a lot during the summer when some foods are finally available in the markets.

I really love the mesquite sauce and John really likes the spicy. Mixing them is double delicious and should be tried! To be honest we found it in the clearance section. We love swinging by that section because though some products have reached their expiration date, they can still be enjoyed a little longer after (some a few days to months). And with the prices dropping 50%, it's prime time to test out new products. If you hate it, you didn't pay for much or if you love it you got to taste something delicious for half the cost! There are many products we have come across by accident this way that are now staples or comfort food.

Though we are at a pause when it comes to traveling, we are hoping to explore with our taste buds the available various tastes we can acquire here.

Why did I talk about BBQ sauce for one of my posts? Well, July is typically BBQ season so you MUST try Stubb's BBQ sauce!! I highly recommend you use it when you have a large gathering or get together and enjoy. Watch the following video to learn a little bit more about the great creator of this awesome sauce! Enjoy!

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