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Our Faves of 2020: YouTube Edition 2020.4

Updated: Oct 16, 2021

We live in a strange and weird world where history can tell a story that leaves more questions than answers. Where pockets of the world are influenced and inspired by what is around them...things and peoples that we, personally, may never experience in our lifetime. We get to catch a glimpse of how these links molded culture, language, art, food, lifestyle behaviors, patterns of thought and so much more. The world is a rich tapestry full of unique and fascinating stories.

Here are our 2020's top 7 videos about history!

Her Name was Carol Orzel

Appalachian English

The English language is a giant meme..

The Bizarre World of Fake Martial Arts

Incredible Animation Shows How Deep Humans Have Dug

Madagascar's Vanilla Gold Rush

Gene Wilder | How to React Naturally | A Docu-Mini

I think by now you should be able to predict that I'll ask if you had watched them all (or at least gave them a shot). Which did you like the best? Which one surprised you the most? Which one of these would you share with others?

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