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Our Faves of 2019: YouTube Edition 2019.5

What?! Another installment? Yes and this time it includes mostly Music and Art. There is one Mathematics video that actually was surprisingly good. We both wished they taught us this in school since it makes calculations so much easier to do without a calculator! Definitely give it a shot and have fun looking through the other videos!

The magic of Vedic math - Gaurav Tekriwal

The most beautiful version of Hallelujah you ever heard

How to Draw Smoke

Magical houses, made of bamboo | Elora Hardy

(20) Acrylic Pour - Huge Cells with No Silicone on Large Canvas - I'm Closing in on a Theory

What the world looks like to an algorithm

New Super Mario Bros. in a Frame – Polymer Clay Tutorial

REAL Human Animation Machine

How To Make A Bionic PaperPlane That Flies Like A Bird [ORIGINAL]

Coins Have Hidden Booby Traps And Secret Levers

Why is Modern Art so Bad?

Amazing Ancient Technology of the Beautiful Japanese Hakone Marquetry - Woodworking Skillful

Which ones caught your attention? Was it the words or the image for the video?


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