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Our Faves of 2019: YouTube Edition 2019.1

One thing that I had started a few years ago was keeping a list of what my top favorite videos were for the year. Now that we are married, I wanted us to put up a list of ones we both really liked which would narrow them down. Since we flip through four youtube accounts (to keep certain algorithms leaning towards certain preferred tastes), some of our lists get mixed up or lost. So these are also the ones that survive to be reseen! If one of the videos is an episode for a larger series, we are only referring to the video posted as our favorite unless stated otherwise.

Since there are quite a few, we will be separating them into different posts! For this first post, we will go into comedy and standup comedians. There will be other lists coming up focusing on a different topic. We will also have a list of those that are more adult-oriented but will hold back on posting those for now. By no means does this mean you should watch every video. But pick a few that sound interesting to YOU. Without further ado~

Tom Papa - The Worst Part About Going Back To The Gym

Try Not to Laugh | The Great Outdoors | Laugh Factory Stand Up Comedy

Joey Villagomez | Magic Apples | Laugh Factory Chicago Stand Up Comedy

Tablecloth Tricks! (Dear Ryan)

How to make a Club Banger! ("Get Introverted" MV)

ONE PUNCH CAT - 'Saitameow' the Hero - Fan Animation

The Truth Behind Trump!?

Out of all of the videos which are your top three? Why so?

Keep a lookout for the following lists! They will be coming out on Fridays (Colorado USA) for your enjoyment when the weekend begins for you.

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