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Our Faves of 2018: YouTube Edition

We have spent a lot of time playing videos in the background as we are doing other activities. Rarely do we just sit and watch. I have an issue with not being productive while watching TV unless I am so exhausted and drained (but not overly fatigued) to just watch while nothing else. What we watch varies on what other project we are working on. Such as there are some projects we can do that allow us to listen in and occasionally look at the screen. These include stand-up comedy or Reddit/Updoot videos that are mostly auditory. If we are going to watch anime, this would be more around mealtime where our hands are busy but our eyes and minds are able to focus on reading the subtitles (we normally can't stand the English dubs). Because of this we go through a lot of videos and have found many gems. Each year we collect the top faves to rewatch either later that year or even years later for a fun trip back to the past. Unfortunately, I began this officially in 2019 so prior lists are incomplete or mixed together. Videos are added onto lists based on when we viewed the video, not when it was made.

Since I will be pulling us back to the 2017-2018 era, I will be separating them into lists in order to give you some time to look them over if you are interested. Prepare yourself for some hilarious times and memories! Our topics will span through Comedies, Humor, Music, Performances, Stories, Games Learning, and Misc 21+ Content. The 21+ content is exclusive that can only be obtained through subscription and with verification of your age. Nothing overly violent or sexual but may touch on topics not suited for those under age 21.

This first list is the 7 Stand Up Comedians we found in 2018. To get on these lists they had to have made me burst out laughing and not say or do anything that hits our 'we don't like' buttons. Unfortunately, we have come across some who have said some funny stuff but then began to take it a weird or upsetting direction, ruining whatever we had laughed at prior. So those do not make our list. Keep in mind, this is what interests us. Not a final determination on the quality of these versus anything else. Just see what here interested you and what you may be disagreed on with us. Why do you think you didn't like it and we did? Hope you enjoy listening to these!

True Love | Josh Wolf | Stand Up Comedy

When you realize what it's like to be a Woman | Sean Peabody | Dry Bar Comedy

Scared Straight At Summer Camp. Shayne Smith

Most Amazing Revenge Story Ever Told - Steve Hofstetter

Lost Tortoise. Andy Forrester

When To Fear Your Wife, Steve Bruner

Comedian Q&A takes a weird turn - Steve Hofstetter

Let us know which ones you like and which ones you disliked! It's fascinating to learn more about our likes and dislikes and perhaps where that stems from.


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