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Miller October 2022 Update!

This is going to be an extremely difficult update to make. I don't want to start off this post on such a sad note, so I will try to reserve it for the end. We just ask that you please check back on our website at the end of this month to view our upcoming page that will focus on our love for a vibrant life that changed our world so drastically. She deserves to be remembered and we will do just that, hoping you can laugh and cry at her stories.

Let's move on before I start bawling.

This month is a month we love and enjoy! Something about the freedom of Halloween design and craftiness gets me excited. It's ALMOST like the excitement of being creative during Christmas...but doesn't feel as fake and commercially. Though we don't technically 'celebrate' Halloween, we do love the feel and artsy feel of everything during this month. We are waiting to find some free time to run to Spirit Halloween this year and get dressed up for Halloween! We don't get out much and dressing up as someone else...helps us function in society a little easier. After all, you don't have to be yourself do you? And no one will really get upset if you start acting weird. (We noticed that our Autism has made us fall into some weird patterns that normally get us weird looks so this is a much easier environment to maneuver in.

We dropped off some art at the Rockrimmon Library Art Exhibit earlier this month and it can now be seen at the library! They (the library) also have an online visual gallery you can check out here! This year, we are trying to get our art out there and feel proud of our completed pieces. It doesn't sound like much, but normally we get busy (or forget) so don't make it to this point. Every year we plan on taking more steps to put ourselves out there are show some of our artwork. As artists that had trouble finding their 'style' for almost two decades...this is a big step.

With that, we also are releasing new sticker designs of our art every week. So every Sunday we will share around 10 new sticker designs we have personally created. Also, with Halloween around the corner, we also have a deal going on so use the code: Halloween2022 to get 10% off your entire purchase! <3 Thanks for your support!

This month was going to be pretty busy, but things drastically changed last week.

We have lost a family member and Applesauce passed away at 3 am on October 7th, 2022. It was a struggle and we will be creating a memorial for our little one, including a page here focused on just her. Though we had her for a short time, struggling with her severe health conditions, we enjoyed every day we had with her along with the extra care she needed. The pain is still great and it will take us many days to not be crying at every little memory of her.

We are still currently working on her page to share her full story, so look for it and we will update this post with the link to her page once it is complete. We would greatly appreciate if you would take some time to read about her and enjoy our memory of her.

With that, we thank you for reading this month's update!

We will forever love you Applesauce. <3

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