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Miller May Update!

A lot has happened in the past few weeks that left us exhausted and in pain. We've been struggling with keeping up with certain tasks and appointments but managed to succeed with all of them within the timeframe.

That being said, we are still waiting for DVR to help John find a fitting job. Except they are doing nothing to help. Literally nothing after waiting over a YEAR to talk to them. John even had to renew his application! By this point, he should've already been placed and IN the job for at least 2 months by now! But no, he has only had an intake appointment with his caseworker. The wait was not worth it. I mean...this is their whole job.

Anyways, we are making ends meet and things are coming along. We aren't where we would like to be but are very happy with where we currently are. Our happy family keeps us going.

Looking ahead, we are looking at staying in Colorado longer and hoping for a house to call our own. We have a LOT of adjustments we need to make in order to make our home fitting for our various wants and needs. Since we got into papermaking, we want to set aside a good section of the house dedicated to recycling our papers to make new unique papers!

Along with that would be a section to turn those papers into handmade books. To go with that we would need a section to deal with leather (or faux leather) to make other types of coverings for one-of-a-kind books. You see where I'm going with this? We have a lot of projects we want to get into, while some are more long-term projects that take days and weeks to complete so we want dedicated areas set for each step.

How exciting to plan out what we want to do with our home!

Also coming up ahead, we will be hosting art classes at the local library starting September so keep an eye out on our announcement of the official times and dates! one will cover making a light-up acrylic display using the laser cutter led by John, and the other will be ATC basics with Michelle. Can't wait!

We are trying to keep up with updates to our website. The past few weeks have been mostly us passing out at odd times of the day and trying to restart our routines....just to have them destroyed again. We will have a dedicated day every week to fill out this website fully! 2022 will be full of excitement and wonder!

See you soon!


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