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Miller May 2023 Update!

(Yes we know we look goofy. xD)

This month flew by. So much happened and we are excited to see lots of opportunities coming our way. Our planning and work are coming to fruition and now we get to see results! Let's go over some of our main highlights of the month.

<Sidebar: Today is John's Birthday!!>

Don't make too big of a fuss but just letting you know. I'd like you to help give him a great month! <3

Newest Sold Artwork!

We sold our original artwork! These three were chosen by a local in Denver to decorate the new place he was moving to. He stated that they immediately matched his style and what he wanted for his new home. We hope that he enjoys our artwork and we look forward to making others happy with what we create. <3

(These will be available as stickers on our website here!)

We set up an ATC Display!

We have partnered with Who Gives a Scrap to host our first Trade Display! We create little Artist Trading Card kits, free to anyone, to take home and make at home. Then you'll have multiple locations to trade your art cards: here at Who Gives a Scrap, at our Monthly ATC Events, or at Who Gives a Scrap's Art Swaps. I'll be curating different kits from free donated materials and changing up the kit focus with every refresh. So far we are in SET 1 with only 30 available with a few other sets already in the works. Grab one quick!

Who Gives a Scrap Art Swap Event on May 13th at Cheyenne Mountain Library went well and had quite a few interested in participating! the next being held at 21c on June 10th from 1pm to 4pm. You can bring your unwanted and unused art supplies and trade them, pound for pound, at this event. If you don't use it during the month and don't want to hold onto it, bring it back and exchange it for something else! We have come across so many amazing items and cleared out our home. It's been very inspiring and encouraging to get new supplies and things you've been needing for that ONE project. We host an ATC table at these events where you can sit down, rest and create a little bit. You can make as many cards as you'd like with the free supplies available. Keep your own artwork or trade for someone else's art!

ATC Monthly Event

ATC Event Went Well! Had a lovely lady stop by and join us to create. We like to have a peaceful atmosphere to relax and just focus on art. We had a group of 7 for our event and it went smoothly! I have had the thought, would some people like to attend but are anxious about having to talk to anyone? Personally, I would love to go to events like these but the societal pressure of having to talk and interact basically eliminated those choices. So I've been playing around with the idea of how to minimize interaction for someone to enjoy being around others and create, without the requirement of having to stress about responding. =) Feel free to message me if you'd like a spot to yourself without interruption and I'll do my best to create a private area for you! Next event is June 30th, PPLD East Library in the East Annex room from 3:30pm to 5:30pm. We will be focusing on "Recycled Materials"! Free materials and tools to play with. You are welcome to drop in at any time and make as many as you'd like. Enjoy and have fun~

We will be raffling off our last 3 free jars this year during our Monthly ATC Event or at Who Gives a Scraps' Art Swaps. So try to snag one if you happen to be visiting either of our events! Winners do have the option of receiving one of these for free or getting an Acrylic ATC Size Guide. Image of the size guide in the works to post...waiting to do a cool product photo shoot when the weather is nice. Stay tuned~

(We need to do a photoshoot with these too...we apologize for such bad lighting! xD)

Newest Handmade Art

Here are Some of the completed pieces from this month! Though they seem like they would only take a few minutes of time to make, many of these sit for weeks as I keep looking over them and making adjustments. So each of these can take up to a month to actually complete. So at the end of this month, these are the ones that are now complete!

<insert watermarked versions>

Some of the originals can be purchased on this page,

their sticker versions will be available in our sticker store!

Newest Generated Art Product

John has been testing some new designs, and working on making new artwork for different markets that are desperately needing them! This was a test print (our literal FIRST print) with an AI-generated tiled pattern. Beautiful isn't it? We may create a kit or two with our custom scrapbook papers in them to use! Or sell these pages if people are looking for a certain type of paper they would like for their projects. So many possibilities~

We will be offering a few designs for FREE on our website where you can download and use them personally and even commercially. Keep a look out!

(Or if anyone is willing to donate their time in helping us with the leg work. We have a lot of the pieces done, we just need time and energy to work on those specific steps up to posting them on our website.).

Newest Sticker Designs (Printed From Home!)

John has been creating new sticker designs, and working on making new artwork for different markets that are desperately needing some new artwork! Right now we are focusing on Church, Children's, and Therapy themed stickers. Though we are open to designing ones to match whatever the need is. We'd love to start curating little sample sticker packs of our artwork to hand out or sell! See our current designs here.

Processed donated crayons and had a blast!

Who Gives a Scrap has generously donated over +15lbs of Crayons they had an overload of. They weren't sure what to do with them so we were lucky enough to get to process these! I found out, I have an obsession and get way too over-excited with the whole process of processing these. Took us one week to get through all of them in our small little kitchen. A lot of maneuvering was involved but we succeeded! From the pile, we took out most of the unknown crayon brands (some were plastic based so needed to remove them). After that, we grabbed enough full-sized crayons to create 155 crayon sets. Each set has 10 different colored crayons in them. (That's 1,550 crayons ready to be used again!) From there, we chose those that were in decent condition but almost 3/4 still there, curated into 3 separate sets to be made into specific themed upcoming kits. The rest that was broken or stained were dotted with other crayon colors, organized by main color, and remelted into new crayon shapes. Most of these shapes will be going to special kits for those who have difficulties gripping such as younger kids, the elderly, and those with physical difficulties. I'm hoping these shapes will be easier to handle. More on that later. This will need at least a month to fully prepare before ready to be handed out.

Creating tons of free ATC kits at WGAS Art Swaps and at their store. Looking to have more locations to drop off free kits for people to start creating! I'm almost done creating these to hand out during Who Gives a Scrap Art Swaps once a month! We've noticed most participants either draw or WANT to do collage but don't want to fully get into that there. So we thought, why not let them bring some home to work on in the comfort of their own home? It's not like they HAVE to be at the event to participate in this. Plus, it'll have instructions and information for when they have time to sit down. Got these cute little organizers, also donated by WGAS to help me keep in order all these kits going at once. Very useful!

We've given out a lot of Top Hats! Last numbers given out? #252 and #253!

You'll also receive one of these guys in your kits if you pick one up from in front of a Trade Display~<3 So many more are being made!

See them all here.


As you can see, we have been doing quite a bit! And this doesn't even cover the personal projects or needs we have had to get done. We've been productive and want to keep this momentum going and see how long we can keep it into next winter before we shut down. (The cold always shuts us down painfully).

All our focus is on consistency and KEEP GOING!

See you in the next blog post!

Which I believe is going to start our next month's list of our Traditional 2023 YouTube Edition Favorites List! This started back in 2018 when during the year, we save our favorite videos that we watch. At the end of the year, we curate our saved videos, see which still apply, and rearrange them into lists. and see what sort of pattern we created during the year through our interests. We get to take note of what shifted during the year and see potentially what shifted it. Then share what we picked and a little bit about why we picked them. Each month focuses on a theme. May's theme was Health. June's theme will be Art!

Hope you stop by to read those too! Sorry for the odd ramble ending...

This time...See you in the next post!

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