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List 10 Things Your Dream House Would Have

This is going to be a fun post! Though I'm not sure if I can make it to 10 or keep it just at 10. Some of these change and adjust or would depending on where we choose to settle. But I'll write it out as if we got to pick 10 things and we would definitely have it for our dream home.

  1. Library- We love books and reading. We also love to have reference books to keep going back to. There is just something about holding the actual book in your hands that brings back such good memories and good feelings. Hopefully, we will have a nice large section we can collect our books on again!

  2. Craft room- A room for our art projects that is to be kept somewhat clean and tidy. This room would hopefully not have too much dust or cat hair in case we are working on resin or paint.

  3. Cat room- A room dedicated to our cats! There are some art pieces I would love to have done that show off their cuteness in decorating the walls. While the room is filled with cat toys, cat towers, and playthings. If we own the home, we are going to get that wall-mounted climbing furniture for them to be able to run up and perch overhead. Because both of our girls are Siamese, we want them to also have a running cat wheel to stay active on. Normally where we live don't have enough floor space for them to make long-distance dashes.

  4. A workshop garage/tool shed- John and I are interested in having some larger tools to work on larger or more complex projects. These would include drilling machines, lathes, milling machines, 3d printers, and more. Some of these are quite messy or loud so we would want them a bit further away from our clean home.

  5. A Garden/Greenhouse- John has really been wanting to grow some of our own food. Though I'm not great at growing things, I am very excited to help and be a part of it. I do like having fresh and homegrown food. Why not have some fresh herbs always available to pick? Or some wild onions we picked and start re-growing to reuse? With always the threat of something happening to our food sources (such as difficulty purchasing from the store as prices could quickly inflate), we could always offset our food costs with some homegrown food.

  6. A HIGH POWERED DISHWASHER!- Sorry I didn't mean to yell this. But I was thinking what is the biggest chore both my husband and I HATE doing? Washing dishes. We have worked in cafeteria kitchens and fell in love with the heavy-duty dishwashers. We don't have a lot of counter space and my husband likes to cook. But get discouraged when there are tons of dishes in the sink from only the past 24hours. Cooking takes up a lot of dishes and some have to be cleaned before they can be cooked in again.

  7. Preferably a place to have a fireplace going. Whether it be indoors for winter use or outside for summer use. We just love to enjoy the crackling of the flames. During our winters here at our current location, that fireplace has saved us so much in heat costs. It also gave us a bonus of a therapeutic ambiance sound for us to fall asleep to. It also brought a lot of comfort to Applesauce who was so frail and sick, during her recovery.

  8. Computer Room- we do enjoy having electronics and tend to use our computers a lot. Either for gaming, streaming, or for work. We need to have a good internet connection that we are seeing the lack of here. We can pay for a certain amount of speed, however, the wiring doesn't allow anything above the minimum standard. Nothing we can really do until they decide to redo the building. So we are stuck with a very iffy connection that drops or can't withstand our bandwidth usage. At one point in my life, I had 3 monitors. I hope to be able to go back to that so I can sort out the information I need to see and refer to. I am very visual and need to be able to see things to process their existence in my process.

  9. Hidden Passages- I want secret compartments and hidden passages. Places to store snacks or other goodies. I might want to create it as a 'hide and seek' house with stuff we have collected during our travels. Then we would put it in a will for, say, my younger siblings and they get to go through the fun of finding the random stuff and choosing what to keep.

  10. Protection- after going through domestic violence, living in dangerous neighborhoods, and being attacked...I want a home that has a good protection system. Walls, cameras, traps, etc. come to mind. I just want to be able to protect my family.

So as you can see this is sort of what I am looking for in my dream house. A lot of these we will probably build up to since they normally don't come in typical homes. After having to have moved so many times in my lifetime, I really want to find a place that I can settle down in for a few decades!

Think about this for yourself. What would YOU really want/need for it to be your dream home?

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