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I Am Thankful To Live In America Because...

With all this hate about America, I want to share my love for my country. Don't get me wrong, there are a few things I am ashamed of and disappointed that have come to fruition here. But my pride is in what my country was founded on. On what our country is SUPPOSED to be. Unfortunately, America today is being destroyed by those who have been given amazing opportunities and are manipulating it to kill the land that took them in. Greedy people (elites and politicians) are using their position to line their personal pockets. I hated history class as a kid. But I have learned so much in the last few years than in all my school years combined. There is so much depth that is being overlooked and accused of not being there! All due to the laziness of this current generation or the manipulation of prior generations. All I ask is that no matter what the topic, dig DEEPER.

I may just have to make a list! There are so many amazing things as I took the time to read up on history. History is written by specialists and not generalists. What is the difference? Specialists spend basically their life on the topic, reading tons of various resources about the era. Looking deep into the connections of events and not just taking the event as a cutout story. Generalists are like history teachers at school. Yes, they have a good handle on what events may have happened, but they don't deeply research further and take a lot of what is said at face value. This is a lot of miscommunication and manipulation comes in. You should be able to find sources that are from the era, written by those living at those times, or from recent people who have dedicated THEIR lives to studying said person/people from that era. On top of that, you have to understand the workings of what was going on IN that era to understand their reasonings behind actions or words. Not based on how life is today.

Such as people today accusing America of stealing land and killing off the Indians. But did they know that 1) The Indians were thrilled to trade for new goods they didn't have 2) the prices seem low but are not supposed to be compared to the amount of money we have built up today 3) the Indians wanted the new settlers to take over land to help prevent other warring tribes from attacking them and 4) Once settled, their court system always favored the Indians who had previously owned the land. Such as they still had hunting and fishing rights on all lands.

Have you read any of this in your school history book? No. I doubt you did and I doubt it would be in there. History books like to skim some important information that leads up to the main stories we commonly hear today. And that's why I hated history class. I knew I was always missing information that would explain so much. I found a lot of this new information from Politically Incorrect Guides (P.I.G. book series) such as covering American History, the Civil War, and the Founding Fathers. They also provide resources to further delve into various times or people. It sets the scene on what happened, making sure you keep in mind that many of our privileges and resources weren't available or optimally used at the time. Such the struggle to get products across the state was a huge success. Now, we see trains almost dying out in usage and definitely not being as used to the extent they did in those days.

The top 5 reasons why I love America is:

1) Our Constitution writes out our human rights. Human rights that many countries strive and yearn to have. Freedom of speech, freedom to bear arms as a means to fight back a tyrannical government, or freedom from religion ruling our government. Take some time to read into what it says and what the writers meant by reviewing The Federalist papers.

2) I love how food influenced our nation to improve using Capitalism. Take for instance Ice Cream that inspired technological advancements to be able to create, make and store this treat. Our strong desires help push innovation while having the right type of economic system which will allow it to grow or die out.

Take a look at this video to learn more:

3) That leads to Capitalism. I am thrilled to live in a country that allows you to start a business from scratch, work hard, and watch it grow! A lot of people today, who don't understand the basics of capitalism, immediately peg this economic system as 'evil'. It's not. There are some words that hold a boundary on what it means, but it doesn't connect to any positive or negative traits. It is simple: Exchanging goods you have for-profit from those who are looking for that item or service. You are also able to create new products to fulfill certain needs and gain from them. See this can be read as a possible bad thing, but it isn't that. There are people who may manipulate this process and can turn it evil very quickly. But their evil choices do not make the system itself evil. This just means we, the people, will need to create rules and regulations to make sure it doesn't get out of hand.

4) I am proud to see many patriots still standing up and fighting for our Constitution and for what our Founding Fathers wanted to build this country into. There are many people that still understand how our country was formed, the struggles we went through, all while holding humility and reverence for those that fought. We are living in luxury with so many privileges that would have been unheard of in that day. Go to a rally that supports America and you will find joyful people, celebrating and connecting from various backgrounds all because we love our country. These are the people willing to fight to protect our rights and I am proud to be supported and protected by them.

5) Though I am hating this word recently for how it's being used but the diversity of America. I am appalled at how there are people saying that America is not diverse or is against diversity...when we have been called 'The Melting Pot' for generations. We are a collection of, almost, ALL different cultures across the world. Our freedom, our economy, and our support of human rights make it a beacon for others to want to become a citizen for. Having grown up in California, going around the state, I would encounter pockets of different cultures thriving. As half of my family is Chinese, we spent a lot of time in China Town in San Francisco. I also lived some time in Oakland being surrounded by Mexicans, Koreans, and African Americans (Sometimes Cambodians and Puerto Ricans). In Berkeley, there were a lot of white people, Mexicans, and Asians. And when I say 'white', I'm not talking about just European descent. There are MANY cultures that are light-skinned that should not be lumped together but I just can't tell which country their heritage may be from. It would be quite ignorant to assume they are all from the same country.

I am quite upset that the books I was going to use as sources were accidentally donated. So I am going to have to find those books before I write more in-depth on certain topics. They had also helped me find other resources that I was going to use to support my writings. It will just have to wait and I will only be able to write a little shallower posts until then. You have no idea how upset I am that I am not able to have those P.I.G. books to start with! I needed a springboard to use to get my writing going and will just have to postpone!

I am truly blessed to be living in such an amazing country that has greatly influenced dozens and dozens of countries around the world. Pushing and encouraging them to be better.

God Bless America!

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