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"Pencil Test!" 

How do you know the differences between brands if you haven't had a chance to really FEEL the differences? You are given three different brands and two different blanks to see if you can tell anything apart that is either something you like or dislike. Will you be more interested in a brand (or even color) after trying any of these? That's for YOU to decide! (And get cute cards afterwards!)

Pencil test video

Pencil test video

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Look At Your Materials

Take a look at the items provided. You are given two ATC blanks, two ATC backings, and three different colored pencil brands. You may want a permanent marker to draw over the colored pencil. specifically.


Test Your Colored Pencils

You can either do them one at a time or one card at a time. Whichever you prefer. While you are testing them out, focus solely on the feel and look of the markings. You can doodle or color in until you are satisfied. They don't have to be in a large clump but could be splotches or sections. Whatever helps you get a feel for the tool in your hand.


Doodle It Over

Grab your permanent marker and if you followed more like the video, pick three items or facial expressions that you like drawing and place one on top of each color. They can be as simple or detailed as you'd like.

Or you can just doodle whatever comes to mind!

When complete, sign and date the back!

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