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What a World of Adventure

Updated: Mar 6, 2021

Since our return back from Ecuador we have had almost nonstop stress and responsibilities. We greatly miss so many things about South America that we aim to work hard, save up, and live where we can breathe and function normally again. The cold and altitude aren't great for us.

2020 has been kinder to us than 2021.

In 2020 we lost our home (fled violence), lost our jobs, our car broke down, and no means to get back on our feet. We tried staying with one family: Can't do it. Too much stress for one of us (which overlapped to now BOTH of us can't stand that city). Couldn't stay with my family since they already had 3 cats and Sherlock would not do well with them. So we stayed with a different relative.

Things did not go well either. Waking up with your heart rate at 140rpm is not good for your health. Try doing it for 2 weeks and be blamed for responding to the problem. We thought we had an agreement that we would have two to three months to save up and get a new car and apartment. After a month of helping the toxic family with everything they wanted and needed (while having to wait through holidays to reach anyone), we weren't left with much time or energy to get our needs worked on. Instead, we got four days to get a working vehicle and an apartment to move into. Thanks to my family we got back on our feet from a bad setback and are looking very hopeful for the future.

Every negative situation is a way of saying "Keep moving forward. You are not meant to be here." Learn from the situation and keep moving forward. After all, the world is full of so many amazing things! Too much is undiscovered or needs to be rediscovered. Time to live a full and fun life just learning and exploring this crazy planet!

The best is yet to come!


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