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Veterinarian Warning: The Accuser

When I mentioned that I was going to talk about bad medical professionals, it also includes pet medical professionals. This occurred at Austin Bluffs Animal Clinic here in Colorado Springs.

This one happened when we were bringing in Applesauce for a follow-up after her emergency room visit. We had gotten her and after a day and a half, we had to rush her to the ER. She wasn't eating and only drinking tons of water. She would constantly go to the bathroom and sometimes be in there for 10s of minutes. The poor girl was already so thin, her hair balding, a musty and deathly smell to her, and her body was always in a hunch as if her core was in pain. When we took her into the ER we had no idea of her back history. It also took the lady whom we picked her up from, almost a month to get us Applesauce's documents. After reading through what this poor fluff has been through, we thought that most likely the previous owner didn't want to pay for any medical treatment or just didn't want to be responsible for her death. We found out she had a urinary issue that had caused a huge backup of crystals. Cat pee typically has crystals and sometimes they can grow too large and actually cause internal pain as they are being passed. She had to be flushed out twice to be back to 'normal'. About two to three weeks later we finally got an appointment and brought her in to see a different veterinarian than our usual. Dr. Hands was out due to an emergency so we decided to see someone else to take care of Applesauce. If what the ER did, didn't get better to a level that we could take care of, we would have to find her a more suitable home. But after two and a half weeks on her meds, she drastically improved. By this time we just managed to get her past medical documents and had them go in with her to be put in her profile. Eventually, the vet, Dr. Benz, came out to speak with us by our vehicle. Her posture didn't start off well. Her arms crossed, leaning back, and a glare above her mask. Her tone wasn't very pleasant either and basically accused us of not taking care of our girl well enough. Mind you, by this point, we had her for less than a month. And with the condition she was in when we got her, we aren't surprised she is taking some time to fully recover. After the accusations, we asked if she had even read Applesauce's documents and she flat out said "no". I'm shocked at the arrogance some people have when they don't even look at the information provided for them. We don't appreciate the accusations and the lack of care some medical professionals have. Whether it is for us humans or our pets, I expect the same: respect, and research (if any information is provided) prior to meeting a patient. We will never go back to see her and will wait to follow up with Dr. Hands every time. He is an amazing vet that I will have to share as a contrast to this crappy one! Applesauce has been doing amazingly well. We were told she would have certain cycles of drinking tons of water and passing out those crystals a few days every month. We have gotten her down to maybe a few minutes every other month. Usually, it's kicked up when she gets overly stressed such as Sherlock chasing her around the apartment too much. We have had to readjust a lot of the furniture to have a better terrain for both of them to claim. With a small home, it is a struggle and we can't wait to have a room/area just for them to play in!

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