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Quick Update 5-8-2021

I apologize I haven't been posting. So much has been going on that we both need rest and time to fight these anxieties that have been building up due to work. Things are not being handled as well as we were hoping and started to kind of fall apart. I can't really write about what is going on until we have talked things over with the third-tier Manager first. And then if the solution isn't acceptable...THEN we can go to HR. Apparently the day I reported a concern, was when they told me his position existed.

Our supervisor and follow two-level tiers of managers aren't happy with us. For two things completely out of our control. So the full story might be written later. But for large events like this (such as the fear of being fired for speaking up), our anxiety is through the roof. My leg has not stopped twitching from anxiety for almost two full days now. My back is in a lot of pain every morning (stressful PTSD nightmares and wake up to painful back pains). It takes us at least 12 hours to calm down and about 24 hours needed to rest and relax. With a big anxious event like this, we haven't really been able to calm down enough to continue with our other projects.

More will be written in a bit and I may do more of these kinds of posts here instead of on instagram. There is too much I need to explain that isn't right for that platform. So if you want to know what is happening, you'll have to check back here (it should be noted on instagram when this post is going to be). I was really wanting to have a fun giveaway and start advertising it but all this work drama got in the way.

It will be a fun story. You'll definitely want to read more about it when I can. So keep an eye out in the next month or so!


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