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THE NEWFOUND HATRED OF SIA- An Insult to Autistics Everywhere

Updated: Oct 31, 2022

So a lot of us have heard of Sia's top song "Chandelier" which featured a young girl, Maddie, dancing. It was a very catchy song with a...decent(?) music video. A lot of us would think: Musicians and artists tend to hit some extremes in their eccentricities. I mean just look at Lady Gaga who is now a pop culture icon.

I know this subject is a little old but we had just come across a video talking about her movie: Music. First of all, who the hell names their kids Music and Zoo?!?! That's child abuse right there. But that is just the foreshadowing of how deep the hole goes.

Summary of the movie: Zoo is the older sister and protagonist of the story. She has a younger sister, Music, who is supposed to be on the Autism spectrum. It's a story about how she has to take care of her sister alone and learn how to adapt. There is a guy in the story that becomes Zoo's love interest and begins to help teach some REALLY bad techniques on dealing with Autism breakdowns.

That's basically the story.

Music is SUPPOSED to be the protagonist as advertised, but she is more of a tool to move the story forward. It doesn't look like they delve into her character development...though Sia also added in that "Autistics can't change", as mentioned by the male character as one of his lines.

Sia didn't do anything to research what it means to have Autism so the character Music looks as if she has other, more severe mental issues than just Autism. Yes, there are those who are low-functioning*. Yes, there are those on the spectrum that can't speak. Yes, there are those on the spectrum that require using tools (i.e. headphones and music) to help cope with the world around them....but to make it look like she's on a continuous acid trip is ridiculous. That is a different diagnosis: psychosis which CAN be in Autistics but not caused by Autism.

Not only is the movie itself alarming, but the making of it should send shivers down your spine. As some of the comments on this single video pointed out: Sia is grooming Maddie. Maddie has been working with Sia since she was 14 and was pressured to take on this role. The poor girl was terrified of insulting Autistics but Sia made her do it anyway. Some of the things Sia has said about the making of this movie are frightening and make me question her mental state. Just listen to her responses in her interview about the movie!

You'll want to watch this video real quick to get an idea of what is going on:

Did you see the creepiness exuding from her? She doesn't even see what is wrong and INSISTS she is in the right! Delusional from overly emotional and artistic people who have money. (Lady Gaga was not overly emotional, she kept her emotions in check to stay professional if we are comparing.) I will be a new advocate in telling people how dreadful Sia is! Though IF she comes around and learns her lesson and has a genuine apology (followed by actions to prove her words meant something), then my hatred for her may abate. But for now....WHAT THE HELL SIA?!


Side note...doesn't Maddie look a lot like a different well-known actress that was on like Disney channel or SNL? I forget her name but she is looking just like her!

* (I am Autistic and I support the use of low/high functioning descriptions. I don't care if YOU think it's hateful or not. I do not.)

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