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Miller March 2023 Update

What a month! This month was supposed to be almost no stress! It was not. Though it happened to be a bit less than Feb. Still burnt out and seems like we will for a while. Research says that the average recovery for burnout for Autistic Burnout is about 3 months. Oh, Goodie. But we are chugging along with what we got and starting to make a lot of progress!

A quick review of last month's ATC Event at PPLD's East Library went extremely well! We had 8 new people join us! Worked on backgrounds primarily, in preparation for this month's topic which is 'embellishments' and will be used in tandem with last month's creations. A lot of supplies to play with and experiment. Love seeing people create art together and having fun. =)

Also some exciting news! We will be at the Who Gives a Scrap event at Ruth Holley Library on April 15th from 1pm-4pm. You can swing by and create something with us there as well!

Now, let's go through what we've been through this month!

It's official! We are going forward with starting our Sticker Business! We have been going back and forth over a lot of different ideas but together, we decided to work on a sticker business. You can either buy the original art piece or buy it in sticker form! Right now we are on RedBubble until we can earn enough to purchase the stickers in bulk and send them out ourselves. Down the road, we hope to have our own machines to print our own! If you would like to see our current stickers, you can check the following stores:

For Michelle's Art:

For John's Church Stickers:

If anyone is looking for Church, Ministry, or Children's stickers (for events like VBS or holiday events), John can help create custom designs for your purposes! Send us a message to start discussing details.


This next portion will be tough to cover as we have experienced a loss in the family. Jaron Miller, John's youngest brother passed away earlier this month due to what we think is an allergic reaction to something and wasn't able to get to the hospital in time. We will be attending his funeral in the second week of April. We both miss you Jaron and wished we could've spent more time with you. <3


I didn't want to end the monthly update on a sad note or start it on a sad note. So I'm going to share some of the art we have made this month.

We have also been working on finalizing a lot of our unfinished art pieces at home. So many of our handmade originals will be up for sale in our one-of-a-kind shop! There may be copies sold in a sticker format later on which will be on our shared Sticker Store! Take a look at our page once a week to check back on updates of our newest works. We also have an Instagram account for these products going up for sale as I work out some details on various stages: @Artemis.OnOurTrail

If you would like to see the behind-the-scenes making and organizing of different art projects, then follow me on Snapchat: Artemischo. Hope to see you in the fun!


More crafty news: we have joined ! For any artists, those looking for artists, or those not considering themselves artists but wanting to be around crafty stuff/people...this is the place for you! It's a brand new website starting up but I see a lot of exciting potentials here and want you to know about it now. We'll see you there!


Also, take a look at the current list for The Top Hat Gang! We are trying to stay updated with this a little better. Already past 100 given away! Every month we strive to share these adorable smiles with people everywhere. If you would like one, ask!


And that concludes our Monthly Miller Updates! March was quite eventful and full of many things happening. Looks like a lot more is coming so please keep checking back to see what's new. =) See you later!

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