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December Miller Update (finally!!)

Life has been busy! I haven't been able to post much lately trying to keep up with what is going on in life.

John even had a blog post he wanted to submit but we haven't been able to get to it.

I was supposed to post the inktober muprompt challenge that I drew out in all of October and write a story on them. It's already now almost the middle of Dec. Yikes.

I even did another month of inktober challenges involving Seraphim that look awesome! Will be posting those later too.

Mostly have not had time or energy....ok mostly time as I have so many projects going on at the same time as well as the seasonal deadlines fast approaching. Getting together a pretty big gift for my husband's siblings will require quite a few more hours of planning and work. Either way, I think that may be this week as things are starting to die down.

Last month had a sudden spike in cost as Applesauce needed the ER again. Stressful and expensive ($400!!) but she is doing great. We managed to pull a few side jobs to make up that loss....AND have a little extra for me to get my drawing tablet!

Now, last month we also started a new job and have been trying to adapt to the sudden and somewhat drastic schedule change. We have very VERY high anxiety when we have to head out anywhere....a little bit worse when it is for work. Here is a fun little piece I drew with some of my first 7days at work thoughts...

My back still hurts, a lot. I finally got my EMG last week and this Wednesday I will find out more about surgery possibility (or any other option that may work just as well). I've already accepted that it is a very strong possibility. I don't like it, but I hate this constant pain where I can't DO anything! I can't even lie down without pain! Meaning, I can't even sleep on a pillow (or sometimes bunched-up clothes) since that hurts my neck and my back.

We finished working the USAFA football games that were fun and paid really well ($22/hr with Job Store Staffing). Some of the other agencies working the same location were only getting $15/hr (so if you apply mention The Millers to the ladies at Job Store Staffing!). I think we have earned a good reputation from working there, from the staffing agency, from KIRA who hosts and controls the events, and the Military Police that make sure everything is going well and is safe. We generally work with a great group with a few exceptions (As always). I might go into some of the stories we have collected from working there.

There is just so much going on. With winter coming, we will want to stay home more often. We DO have work but luckily it is only on the weekends for a short amount of time (to protect my back from excruciating pain). We have a lot of projects we enjoy doing and our lovely little kitties who are always so happy for us to be at home.

This holiday season we are going to lower our stress by not seeing family (well not FORCED but we may have dinner with my family since they are typically less stressful). But this year it is mostly focusing on our little family of 4!

Here is dead Santa I drew for fun. Was just experimenting with color and the program and this formed. lol, I still love it a lot.

I think that basically summarizes what has been going on. I've been sleeping a lot, and at a lot of random times. Since it gets dark by about 6pm, I'm ready for bed thinking it's 9 or 11pm. So I tend to still fall asleep and wake up in 3-4hrs very confused. Throws off my days for a while so I'm trying to stay awake until at least 8pm. We don't do well with this time change stuff. We miss Ecuador and the consistent days!!!!

Hope you are all doing well! Less than 2 weeks until the holiday is here!

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