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6/03/2021 Update!

We have been quite busy lately catching up with a lot of appointments and projects that have been put aside. The past week and a half were exhausting and I was in full pain: not being able to bend my back. That made it extremely difficult to sit up, lay down, go to the bathroom, stand, and exist. Yes, everything, everywhere hurt. From rolling my ankle to running after not running for almost two years, the next day working on our feet for about 10hrs, sunburned, stressful situations kicking up my PTSD all came together to make everything hurt for a week straight.

Because we had to leave our last job a while back, John is the only one that has another job at this time. Since I was in so much pain, I had to wait until I could at least sit up to complete an interview. I've been seeing a few medical professionals to help in the recovery as well so I am getting help.

We are still working on our stickers and are excited to share them with you all. We hope to open our sticker shop by the end of June so we hope you will stop by and take a look when we open! We will both have very different art styles and would like to hear which ones of ours you like the best.

That being said, I haven't had much time to work on much else so I'm picking it back up. I'm trying to nudge John into drawing more but sometimes you just have to be in the right mindset to sit and focus on doodling you know? He also likes to focus deeply on each piece he works on while I just zone out and knock out three pages in a day.

It was also John's bday this month and we greatly enjoyed the day doing what makes us happy and enjoying each other's company. Such a great day! We don't go overboard in celebrating so no big post about it but I DID want to mention it here. Every day is a celebration as is to be with my perfect husband! <3


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