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Hey There

This page is to help YOU find inspiration, motivation, or find an idea to run with. With our ADHD we tend to come up with a LOT of ideas but are not omnipresent or omnipotent so can't do them all. That's where YOU come in! Feel free to use any of these ideas for personal or commercial uses. The only request is that you link back to us, here, somewhere on our website.

And please please PLEASE send us a link or whatever since we would LOVE to see what you create! 

All About The Ideas

These ideas can be extremely...random. They may talk about very unrelated topics to very different project directions. Such as we can have ideas on how to build a certain tool with the schematics and want someone to physically try building something like we created some pixel game assets and would love to see you use them in your own game. If you have a project you want to work on and would like us to try brainstorming some great ideas to put here for you to use, send us a message!   (FYI we haven't put most up yet...if you are looking for something, send us a message and we will put this at the top of our list!)

Here are some found art inspiration images to help you pull together some ideas for whatever project you are working on. These are not our art and we do not claim any right to them. We just also love using them as visual references to create new ideas. If you own any of these images and want them taken down, please email us immediately.