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Artist Trading Card - Themed Jar Kits

Welcome! So you've just come across this page from a QR code stuck to the top of a Mason Jar gift, didn't you? What IS this all about? This jar is a small art kit to help support the mental, emotional, and physical of individuals to groups of people through the art form of ATCs or Artist Trading Cards.


Artist Trading Cards are an art form that works on 2.5"x3.5" standard-sized cards with artwork made by artists. Anyone is an artist and everyone can decorate a card. These kits are to help you get started to try it out yourself or with a group of friends/colleagues. What do you do after you create a card? You can either keep your art, give your art away or trade your art for someone else's artwork. 

Though I am selling kits and items to support you in supporting your own health (and those around you) through art, I am more introducing and wanting to get people started. There are so many health benefits from this process and it is EXTREMELY affordable to add to your budget. Many items are recycled/upcycled in your sample kits to show you a wide range of materials can be used. Sample kits may include extras and are mostly a representation of what you'll be receiving. You are welcome to use any materials you have laying around, whatever you are interested in adding to your artwork!

There are more details given to you in your jar to get started with creating. If you are interested in more information, check the section you would be most related to purchase for. Details may vary depending on focus and need.

For general miscellaneous information, please check MISC to see if we have that answered, or feel free to send us a message! 

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Each Set sold contains 12 Jar Kits and purchasing two sets will get you one for free (Purchase 24 and get one free!)

You can either request to have a shared theme or to have randomized themes.

If you are looking for a larger group amount, please message and we can discuss it!

Thanks for submitting!
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