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Church/Children Ministry/VBS/Bible Studies

Themed Jar Kits to help inspire, rest, and reflect,
using the Bible or Bible-related materials as the focus.

Themed Jar Kits to help inspire, rest, and reflect, using the Bible or Bible-related materials as the focus. Great for individuals to try on their own or as a group. These kits will include prompts, ideas, and challenges to help you delve deeper into the Bible, yourself, and your connection with God's Word.

*Order only once to have unlimited access to all current and upcoming activities.*

Your Curated Kits

Each order includes a set of 7 Jars, providing enough materials for one to three individuals per jar to complete at least one card each. These Jars are primarily made from recycled and upcycled materials to minimize landfill waste. Our goal is to give these items a new purpose and extend their lifespan while enhancing people's lives with their use. You can further personalize your creations by incorporating additional materials you have or substituting them for the provided items instead. These resources serve as a starting point, encouraging individuals to embark on their creative journeys.

The kits include:

  • Instructions

  • 2 Complimentary Activities

  • White Blank ATCs

  • Black Blank ATCs

  • Recycle Blank ATCs

  • ATC backings

  • Glue Stick

  • Color Pencils or Crayons

  • Stickers

  • Scrapbook Papers

  • Embellishments

(Additional adjustments can be made for an extra charge.)

The price covers access to all current and upcoming activities, ideas, prompts, and challenges available on our website. With a single order, you gain permanent access to our expanding collection of ATC activities.

You have the option of organizing a one-time event or participating on an ongoing basis. By collecting art pieces from participants, you can create an interactive art display for the entire children's ministry. Children can create cards at church during a lesson to reflect their understanding, or make them at home based on a verse and trade them for other artworks.

These cards can be used in a selective group setting, such as a class participating in a Bible study, or as an open activity for all children in a Vacation Bible School.

To enhance the experience and foster connections among participants, you can create a display to collect and showcase their artwork. The display can range from a simple binder with trading card sleeve inserts to a frame for hanging.

We also have kid-friendly options that are available in small plastic baggies for kids to take home. No glass jars will be used for Kid-Friendly orders. These items will be less in amount, but more personal for each individual.

Additionally, you have the option to enlist our assistance in hosting classes or groups to explain and guide the process. However, we provide comprehensive instructions to facilitate independent use. We recommend reading the instructions and reaching out to us with any questions at least 24 hours before the intended group activity.


Orders typically take 1-2 weeks to process and will be hand-delivered by us within Colorado Springs, Colorado, for a base cost of $20. Free pickup is available at select locations.

-Our Journey Through the Bible-


John and I have been working through the Bible, one verse at a time. Every day during our devotional period, we each take a verse to work on. We don't expect to cover the entire Bible using this approach alone, as it would take us over 44 years to accomplish.


However, if there's a group of artists working together, it could be a highly fulfilling endeavor for everyone involved. The aim is to demonstrate that even if one person doesn't produce the best artwork, their contribution still stands out as an amazing piece within the larger story alongside other artwork.

This collection here will be updated every few months with our latest pieces. Additionally, we have plans to start an Instagram account where you can see a daily card documenting our journey through the Bible! We started on January 1st, 2023, and as of now, in the middle of June 2023, we haven't even reached the halfway point of Genesis! We recommend focusing on a set of verses or, at most, a book, as each verse contains dense information. This approach allows the mind to deeply contemplate the verse and its personal significance, while also challenging individuals to consider what knowledge they possess about it.

-Sample of Trading Card Binder Page Insert Layout-

These are from the first page that we worked on together, Genesis 1:1-Genesis 1:9. As you can see, individually they are okay. However, when placed together in the order of their verses, they begin to tell the story through a unique art composition! Each piece is important.

[At this time, a few of the cards had issues during the transfer and will be updated in the near future.]

-Sample of our current set focusing on Genesis-

These are the cards, each with their own verse references. As you can see, even our art varies depending on the materials and the subject matter. For example, the family timeline became dry after the 2nd day of working on it. It also depends on our level of energy for that particular day. Some days, we had the energy to use colors and add details, while on others, we used simple colors and characters to convey the message. When you put all of them together in a binder that you can flip through and 'read', it creates such a fun experience! This has also helped us remember verses by giving us a visual of the words and understanding where it sits in the flow of the Bible stories.

->(Currently this page only has 152 of our current cards)<-

Each Set Includes 7 Jars, which cover enough materials for at least 21 people. and unlimited access to our growing collection of ATC instructions and ideas for the one-time price of $70+S&H*. An order of 2 Sets will give you the option of either receiving another Jar Kit for free or an Acrylic ATC Size Guide for easy sizing and cutting of blank ATCs from any material.

No further purchases are required to keep access to the "Ideas
Binder" permanently.

*FREE S&H option available if picked up from select locations

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