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Jewel Krystice

Sex: Female


Species: Human

Dislikes: Loud People, Ignorance

Nicknames: Little Dove

Storyline: Aelrune

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Full Name: 


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Blood Type: 




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Speech Pattern: 

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Simple Pleasures: 

Greater Pleasures:


Life Goals: 

Short Term Goals: 

Long Term Goals: 


Relationship Skills:





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Intelligence Level: 


Patience Level: 

Ruled by Emotion or Logic: 

Introvert or Extrovert: 

Optimist or Pessimist: 

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Musical Talent: 


Full Name:: Jewel Krystice

Pronunciation:: Jewel Chris-Tis

Age:: 13 (due to some magical issues, she actually looks 16)

Sex:: Female

Blood Type:: A

Species:: Human/Dove

Birth date:: 10th of winter, 2nd moon

Birth Place:: Kingdom Krystice

Birth Order:: Older twin (by 3 minutes)

Family:: Mother and Father (dead though unknown to her), Crowne Krystice (twin brother)

Occupation:: Scouter for King Ren

Title/Rank:: Exiled Princess/Scouter

Hobbies/Pastimes:: Spending time with her doves, practicing archery, wandering around the forest by herself, listening to Crowne’s accomplishments and little adventures.

Skills/Powers:: Master at the bow and arrow, two daggers, can use runes spelled by her brother, can find out the secrets of artifacts

Symbol:: Lock


Home:: Kingdom Krystice
Earliest Memory:: Her running through the orchard laughing playing hide and seek with her father in the bright sunlight. Her father had snuck out of some duty that wasn’t high on the priority list anyway to play with his children. He always valued his duty as a father and would do his best. The king ducked behind bushes and jumped her brother Crowne which made him squeal with delight. Between his cries of laughter he yelled for his sister to run. She grinned wiggling under branches, hopping over fences and ran trying to free her brother and stay out of her father’s reach. She was about seven when this happened.
Childhood:: She could say that she had a perfect childhood except for the foreshadowing of all the responsibilities of having to help rule a kingdom. She had everything she needed (not everything she wanted, her father didn’t want to spoil her too much but Jewel was ok with that). She had the best teachers that helped encourage her to do the best in everything. Her parents allowed her to learn whatever she wanted such as swordplay (with wooden swords only), archery, horseback, hunting etc. So she gained many skills as a child.
Favorite memory:: A secret get away with her whole family, blissful perfect time.
Most important Memory:: Her memories when she was a kid, to remember who she is and what she is aiming for.
Backstory:: She is a princess for the kingdom Krystice (for where she gets her last name. Only royalty get to use the kingdom's name for their last name). She was a joyful, bright and playful child who enjoyed life and everyone in it. One night her world turned upside down when her father exiled her. She and her brother were very close and always wanted to be around each other so he went with her. He wanted to protect her even though he was the 'younger' brother. They traveled for a year before they ended up in the neighboring kingdom Aelrune. The king met Jewel and fell in love with her instantly (she was 13 then -but acts older- and he was 18-but acts younger-). She had become more serious and hardened her heart to the world except towards her brother. Since the king wants her to stay in his kingdom so he can find a way to woo her, he gives her a job and finds a wizard to help teach magic to her brother. The only reason she accepts the job is because her brother begs her to stay so that he can learn. At the first meeting with the king, she dislikes him. During a practice, her brother accidentally turned her into a dove, he was able (with help) to place a glamor on her to look human. However her DNA says pure dove.  

[[Physical Characteristics]]

Height:: 5' 8"
Weight:: 110lbs
Posture/Poise:: Walks with confidence and grace. Perfect royal posture due to tedious lessons.
Build:: Lean with well toned muscle (though many underestimate her strength and speed)
Strengths:: Stealth, Speed, Accuracy
Weaknesses:: power (she is strong but not stronger than a burly man)
Skin:: Slightly tanned peach for being in the sun for so long.
Hair:: Very pale blond almost white, long hair looped on the sides of her head tied with a white ribbon. The two pony tails hangs down to mid thigh.
Eyes:: Dull blue eyes
Other:: Has dove wings that has been masked by her brother so no one but he knows
Expressions:: usually angry, blank, annoyance,
Markings:: None
Left/Right Handed:: Right handed
Choice of attire:: military, uniforms (guard, swordsman, or even spy), must have two gold crowns with one ruby gem in the center.
Accessories:: Has a lock and key necklace that lays hidden under her clothes. She will always wear it but never have it showing.
Weapons:: Prefers Bow and arrow, has 2 small daggers hidden, a selection of runes spelled by her brother
Mannerism:: Acts like royalty. Speaks very little though.
Habits:: In the mornings she does some early exercise, showers, then reports to the King for her daily duty
Health:: Always in the best health. Rarely gets sick.
Hygiene:: Perfect hygiene (the best she can do not being in a palace)
Speech Pattern:: She spoke like a princess the first few weeks that she was exiled but quickly adapted to the commoner’s style. Though she tries to keep a balance of speaking higher than a commoner but not as royalty.
Voice:: a beautiful dulcet voice
References:: N/A  

[[Intellectual Characteristics]]

Intelligence level:: Very intelligent being tutored by the best teachers in the kingdom
Languages:: universal language across the land and dove (though she communicates through motions)
Long term goals::To discover why she was exiled
Short term goals:: To survive and avoid King Ren’s advancements
Secret desires:: To go back to her kingdom
Self-confidence:: Very self-confident
How do they see themselves:: She has noticed that she has become very introverted and quiet, she doesn’t socialize well and rarely talks to anyone she knows
How do they think they are perceived by others:: Aloof, rude, snobbish, quiet, manipulator
What do they like about themselves the most:: That she is good at her job, reliable, respectful and obedient
What do they like about themselves the least:: difficult to socialize, doesn’t have many friends
How do they express themselves:: By her actions, protecting those she cares about
Dominant or Submissive:: dominant
Patience Level:: Very impatient but doesn’t show it
Ruled by Emotion or Logic:: 10% emotion and 90&#xlo;gic
Most at ease when:: alone or with her brother
Least at ease when:: anyone else is around
Which of the seven virtues most like::
Which of the seven sins most like:: Pride
Greatest weakness:: very anti-social
Optimist or Pessimist:: realist, though most see her as pessimist
Introvert or Extrovert:: introvert
Greatest Fear:: That she will be left alone in the world
Greatest Regrets:: That she hasn’t gone back home to her kingdom
Greatest Accomplishment:: That she and her brother have lived on their own until they found a neighboring kingdom to take them in
Deepest Secret:: She is royalty
Musical Talent:: none, can’t even sing
Personality Summary:: She is a proud girl, quiet, has great self control, responsible, disciplined, honest, obedient, and only speaks freely to her brother when they are alone. Others around her may describe her as stuck-up or acts like royalty (since she is). Her personality took a 180 when her father exiled her and her brother when she was 12. She is completely depressed about the fact her loving father suddenly turned on them and sent them off and their mother even backed him up. To distract herself, she constantly practices her archery and works hard as a scouter for the king. Secretly she loves her dove wings but acts like she doesn't care and makes her brother hide them with the glamor. She hates that the king shows her special treatment which makes things more difficult in the kingdom for her. Those who live there thinks she is an outsider trying to gain power quickly which is far from her mind.  


Likes:: birds
Dislikes:: too much attention
Favorites:: archery, being alone, being with her brother
Least Favorite:: dresses, dress shoes
Simple Pleasures:: eating bread watching people interact with each other
Greater Pleasures:: unknown
Motto/Personal Quote:: ...
Mode of Transportation:: walking or running
Most Prized Possession:: Her bow and arrows, her lock and key pendant  


Relationship Skills:: Not good. The only people that want to be with her is her brother and the King.
Loves:: her brother, her doves
Lusts:: none
Crushes:: none
Girlfriend/Boyfriend:: none
Martial Status:: never married
Best Friend:: Crowne Krystice
Friends:: Crowne Krystice, Marelle
Dislikes:: being around people, having to talk to others, being around King Ren
Hates:: King La’Rence Aelrune, Rynebau Crystallia
Rivals:: Rynebau Crystallia, Uncle Bora
Pets:: her 5 male doves
Perfect Partner:: Someone that could understand her, love her anyway and
Judgmental of others::Is careful to judge only by actions and hints given by tone of voice, body language etc.
Perceived by
Strangers:: distant, cold, snobbish, silent
Friends:: bothered, controlled, kind
Family/partner:: Preoccupied, understanding, protective
What will change people’s perception:: An event that proves someone's character
Type of people liked to associate with:: Crowne Krystice
Type of people disliked to associate with:: Everyone else
Treats others of the opposite sex:: in a business manner
Treats others of the same sex:: warily
What do family/close friends like most about them:: That she speaks when she must, always speaks the truth,
What do family/close friends like least about them:: She doesn't open up easily
What is their relationship like with
>Crowne Krystice:: Younger brother, the only one she trusts
>King La’Rence Aelrune:: Doesn’t trust him or like him, but respects him because of his title
>Rynebau Crystallia:: hates her, an annoying faerie that hates her back
>Fayne:: Wary of her but trusts her a little
>Bora:: Hates him, she knows he was up to something to take over the kingdom
>Marelle:: Amuses her and remembers that she used to be like that
>Crowne’s Teacher:: Respects him and interests her by his knowledge
>Navi:: Flattered by him claiming her as his
>King Stenson:: Her father that she admired greatly  

[[Emotional Characteristics]]

Sense of Morals:: Strong sense of morals instilled by her parents
Etiquette:: She acts like royalty since she is a princess but had to lessen up to fit in with those around her
Sense of Self-control:: Very good self-control learning to hide her true emotions.
Act in public:: Quiet, controlled, alert
Act around strangers:: Polite, wary
Act around friends:: relaxed until she senses someone else
Changed from childhood:: She has become more closed up and only trusts her brother
Remained the same:: Inwardly she still keeps her tastes the same but won’t show anyone for fear it will undermine her reputation.
Deals with::
>Anger:: keeps a cool head, works it off later to blow off steam
>Sorrow:: Goes off to be alone until she can hide her emotions again
>Conflict/Danger:: Stays alert, a calm demeanor, and reacts accordingly with great control
>Rejection:: Becomes angry but does nothing
>Fear:: She usually has nothing to be afraid off except if her brother is in danger
>Change:: She will adapt but doesn’t like being surprised
>Loss:: Grieves by herself or with her brother
>Being incorrect:: Glares but accepts being wrong
>Guilt:: Tries to repair what she has done to lessen her guilt
>Peer Pressure:: Doesn’t affect her. She only cares about her brother’s opinion
>Stress:: Keeps calm and quickly figures out how to fix things
>Pain:: Uses it as fuel for her anger
>Being Criticized:: Lets it wash over her and disappear. Doesn’t really affect her (unless it is from her brother)
>Praise:: Inwardly basks in it but outwardly shows she doesn’t care. Only her brother knows better.
>Love:: Embarrassed
>Humiliation:: Inwardly lasts for a few seconds before it becomes anger and she wants revenge
>Being hated:: Doesn’t care, if it is her brother she fears that as much as losing him
How does this character think/feel about::
>Marriage:: Doesn’t want to even think about it
>Children:: Even though she comes across as intimidating, children seem to love her
>Love:: The only love she knows of, is family love
>The opposite sex:: doesn’t see them except as potential threats or allies
>Drugs and Alcohol:: Doesn’t approve of it seeing the drunkards at the bar.
>Killing/Murder:: She doesn’t like it but being out on her own has opened her eyes to what is out there.
>Life:: Treasures life, all forms
>Death:: She doesn't really think about it
>Society:: Sees society crumbling and everything spiraling downhill.
>Their own death:: Will not die until she finds out why her father and mother had exiled her.
What they want out of life:: She wants to go back to the life she had before.
What would they like to change in their life:: Being exiled
Motivation:: Motivation to do what is right will get her moving
Discourages:: Having to be around others
Happiness:: Being alone, or a nice day with just her brother
Sorrow:: Remembering being exiled by her kingdom
Angry:: Anyone bothering her


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