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Trade Displays

Looking for a fun interactive art display to bring some connection? Eye-catching and creative? With a location to pick up a free kit with art materials to create small art here and there? This is for you! We aim to get people creating on small and manageable sized canvases. 

Our mission: To add more Trade Displays all over Colorado Springs! We want to create a fun travel map to various businesses where visitors can see the unique Trade Displays for each spot and collect art from the locals there! Each approved location will get their own Top Hat Tom to decorate their display and 30 free kits to give out each month. 

Let's get creating!

Required Questions

What size of area will you be hanging the trade display?

What is your budget?

What is the flow of people who can come across it?

Do you want to offer free art kits there?

Would you like a refresh of cards?

Optional Questions

When we have a minimum of 10 locations,

would you like us to add your location to our tourist map?

Would you be open to hosting ATC classes at your establishment?

The Steps

1) Answer the questions above

2) Take a picture of the area you'll be wanting a trade display

3) Email both the answers and picture to

4) We will ask some follow-up questions and then schedule a time to meet in person and see the location. Half of the payment is requested before we begin.

5) After we go over anything we may need, we will collect materials and give you our sketched-out plan. Once we agree, we begin work on the display and complete it in a 5-7 business days.

6). Once complete, we will schedule a time to put up the Art Interactive Trade Display and set up the kits if included. We will collect the final half of the payment after everything is set up.

7) Top Hat Tom will be displayed and your Trade Display is official and up for participation!

8) If agreed upon earlier, we may refresh cards on your board weekly, monthly, quarterly or not at all.

9) Kits will be refreshed at most monthly. If you wish to hold onto the kits and space them out throughout the month, that is your choice.

(Any cyclical activity will be billed monthly or on a yearly plan)

Message us to get started!
Even if it's just to ask questions.

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