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This is a fun but slightly messy project so make sure to have paper towels and maybe wet wipes nearby!

This one is a LOT of fun so pull together a few other papers you have lying around to use up the extra paint!

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Sqeegee video

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Check Your Materials

In this kit you are given a sheet of cardstock, 4 ATC Backings, two pods of paint, two toothpicks, a fake stiff card, a blank recycled ATC size guide

{You will need scissors and possibly a ruler or an ATC Size Guide].. 


Lay It Out

You'll want to have a paper towel underneath unless you don't mind paint on your table! Place your cardstock piece in the center and carefully pop open the pods. Use the toothpicks to transfer the paint to design your card. Don't use too big of globs and generally you'll want to put them at the top of your paper.


Let The Smear Begin!

Holding the card stiffly in your hand, use your thumb in the center of the card to add a light bend. Put down the edge of the card to the cardstock and press gently so that the bend is flattened against the paper. Then lightly drag down to "drag/pull" the paint down with it. There should barely be any paint sitting on the paper.


Dry and Cut

You'll have collected a bit of paint on the card, take a spare paper around you and have fun using the same technique but with what is already on the card. Experiment smearing that card around to create new designs!

Put the one you just finished aside to dry. With thin layers of paint, it should only take a few minutes to fully dry. But in that time you can work on another one!

Once dry, cut them into 2.5"x3.5" cards. Either use scissors and a rule to measure or use one of our Acrylic Size Guides to pick and choose the BEST spot you painted to be on your card!



These can either be saved as great ATC backgrounds for future projects or finished as is! If you feel like it needs a *little* more, then pick a word that comes to mind when looking at your card and write it down!

Don't forget to sign and date the back!


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