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What Other Countries (& States) Have We Visited?

So I had mentioned earlier that we have traveled before. I have a bit more than John since John had a large family and couldn't afford to go far with how many siblings he had.

John has visited a few different states in the US from road trips and military training. The only other country he had visited was Ecuador that we had gone to together.

I have visited Washington, Oregon, California (born and raised), Idaho, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, Hawaii, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado (currently residing), New Mexico, North and South Dakota, Oklahoma, Texas, Louisiana, Florida, Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Vermont, New York, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Washington DC, and Virginia. I think there were a few others as I went on a lot of road trips too and had to go through many different states. Some we went to visit family, some were due to a school field trip, and many were just because my parents wanted to vacation there.

Country-wise I have visited, Canada, Mexico, China, Fiji, Australia, and Ecuador. I thought there was one more but these are all I can remember clearly off the top of my head. I would say, as an American, I am pretty well-traveled. Most Americans don't leave the country, let alone own a passport. I picked up on a lot of differences very young that I didn't know could only be learned from actually LEAVING the country.

What a blessing and privilege many in other countries may not understand. I have met some internationals that I used to work with that came from Croatia, Latvia, Hungary, etc., and have been to many different countries in fewer years. Though for them, going to another country could be just a 30-minute drive. Where for American's, a 30-minute drive (if in a major city) might get you to the other end of that same city. Not even close to out of that state. Just this little difference.

My husband and I are very excited to explore more of this amazing world!


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