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What Does It Mean To Be Patriotic?

Updated: Jul 11, 2021

To summarize, Patriotism means "love for country" which comes from the Latin word

pater meaning "father". It is natural to love a parent and should just be as natural to love your homeland. It helps shape who you are. We have many ties and attachments because it is where we live, our family, and our where friends live. We also share so many things in common with others here such as language, holidays, foods, sports teams, and our country's history. This applies to those who weren't born on this land, but their desire to take up the history and celebrate being a new citizen.

You will have to acknowledge the faults our human history has had early on and strive to never make those again. To teach and inform others about such issues to prevent any generation from repeating them. No country is perfect. No country has never owned or sold slaves. None are free from causing atrocities to others. We have to accept our faults and learn from them. Not erase them. We fight to maintain our standards as we learn to raise them and will put our lives down on keeping them. How willing are you to support your country? To push their idea and existence out into the world? Will you defend the country that took you in? Will you hold a strong belief that they (the country) are trying to do their best for their citizens?

This is a short post but is heavy in meaning.

We need to learn our history as to not repeat our past mistakes!

Keep your head high and always strive to be better!

God Bless America and the greatness we have helped bestow on fellow countries to help them rise up as well!

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