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Tropical Sounds

Michelle likes to record memories since our memories aren't the best or the most reliable (autism and PTSD tends to have those side effects/symptoms) so to compensate she hopes to use other means to relive our best memories. While in Ecuador, we get to enjoy the sound of rustling leaves in the wind that happen to similar to rain. This is our first sound recording of moments we wish to keep.

(Please forgive Sherlock as you can hear her pawing at the door in the background)

Next three are from the ocean. The first of the three are waves crashing against the rocks.

The second recording is from the beach, watching the waves roll in. It's so peaceful to sit and watch...

This next video was something cool we discovered by accident as we went over to the tide pool area we tend to frequent. This was our third or fourth time over and witnessed this thrilling clip!

Lastly, we wanted to share with audio only, a sound that will immediately take us back to Ecuador with fond memories:

Now Michelle recorded this at night and it HAS visual but it was just too dark. The vehicle, possibly selling something (let us know if you know what the song is!) took it's last loop around our neighborhood around 6:30pm. This musical vehicle drives through our neighborhood frequently, and it's peppy music will always be a happy reminder of our time here in Ecuador

What unique sounds are in your area that you hear every day?

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