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Cheesy Bread Tuna Sandwich

Updated: Mar 6, 2021

We shared this on our Instagram page and wanted to tell you the steps for getting this amazing Cheesy Bread Tuna Sandwich. We did not make the bread and it can be substituted for any local bakery's cheesy bread (or store-bought). Unfortunately, our options here are limited so our recipes are based on what is available to us locally. We suggest you read through everything before getting started on any step to make sure you don't miss anything!


Pan de queso (Cheesy bread, we found ours at a local bakery baked fresh every morning)

1 Can of Tuna

2 TBS Mayo

1 TBS Chimichurri sauce to taste

3 Hard-boiled eggs

Mozzarella cheese

(Optional) Half a sautéed onion

Doesn't that look so good? We bought it at the local Panaderia for $1 each and were able to make a decent sandwich which we split for both of us, It just needs some chips or fries on the side and your meal is set!

To start, cut the bread in half, add a layer of sliced cheese on one of the slices then toast it in the oven until the cheese melts. Typically we just start it up at any temperature since it won't be in for long. Once it feels warm, slide in the bread with the unmelted cheese and wait until it looks droopy. This can take around 3-5 minutes so just keep an eye on it depending on how gooey you love your cheese (and depending on altitude which adjusts time).

While the bread is toasting, dice eggs into small chunks, and if you choose, dice half of your onion. We tend to rotate between purple and yellow onion depending on our mood or what we have on hand. In the picture shown, we used purple onion. Combine it all with two tablespoons of mayo, a can of tuna, and a tablespoon of Chimichurri sauce in a mixing bowl.

The Chimichurri sauce bottle we used looks like this:

Combine everything together and you have it! Cheesy and delicious!

If you are ever in Montañita, Ecuador, do stop by this bakery! We always get their stuff and almost on a daily basis for almost a month now. Hell, we get cravings at any time of the day to get either something sweet or savory from them. Go out and support a local bakery! 💕





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