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"Outline That!" 

Time for another take using Punched Out Alphabet! This one you can choose different variations depending on your preferences. Only use one letter? Use all three? Only use the color pencils or markers? Try one ATC with the instructions provided. For the second card, pick your own rules.

Stencil cutouts kit video

Stencil cutouts kit video

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Look At Your Materials

Take a look at the items provided. You are given two ATC blanks, two ATC backings, three Punched Out Letters/Numbers/Symbols, a pen or pencil, and either color pencils or markers.


Which To Outline?

Look at the Punched Out shapes and don't think of them as letters, numbers or symbols. Just look at them based on their curves or straight lines. You'll be mostly focusing on those! So pick two you'll use. 


Outline Them

Pretty straightforward. Take either your pen or pencil provided and begin to outline your first chosen shape. Move it around the card and keep outlining it, never overlapping. You can even have them partially off of the ATC blank card, outlining only partial. Once you are done, take the second shape and outline this one all over the first one, never overlapping itself. Keep going until you are satisfied.


Color It

Take a look at the colors you have. This palette was randomized but they will all work together. Pick one or two colors to fill in sections that were created by the overlapping shapes. The same color can only be connected at a corner and can never share a same straight line (thus hiding the line). See if you can fill the card without using the same color next to each other. Feel free to add in the third color if you don't think that two colors will work!

Don't forget to sign and date the back!

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