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From our event in Denver a few years back. We hope to have another display like this at a PPLD library!

General Information
 Once a month we will be meeting to create art in the form of ATCs or Artist Trading Cards. All materials will be provided for you to make cards with a chance to trade your handmade cards with others. References will be available for you to skim through and inspire you on what the month's topic is. Though you are also free to just come in and experiment for the fun of it!
Let loose and see what you come up with!
You can stay for the full two hours or stop by for 15 minutes within the time frame. Your choice!

Dates, Times & Location
     We will be meeting every last Friday of the month at PPLD's East Library from 3:30 pm to 5:30 pm. We will generally be in either room F1 or the East Annex.
Check the Top Hat sign at the entrance!









Individual and Group Challenges


Tools Test


Will be held in East Annex

Will be held in East Annex

Will be held in Room F1

Try out the therapeutic and surprising fun of Zentangle. We have all the tools you'll need and references for you to try this out. First of the 12 sessions and stop by to see what is in store for the year!

We will be focusing on making background ATCs. These won't be complete (unless you feel like it is), and can be used in tandem with next month's topic. Learn some various techniques to make one background at a time or a whole bunch in one shot!

This event will be in tandem with the previous month and we would highly recommend you bring those backgrounds to this session. Learn some different embellishment styles you can create and use for your own cards. Simple and creative that has you looking at things a little differently!

Stop by to try some individual challenges if you want inspiration or something fun to do. If we have enough people at the same time, we will have group challenges where you will work with others on the same card to get a unique result YOU get to take home!

We are pulling out the tools! Try out some different tools to see what different results they provide. Want to try out some different stamps? Hole punches? Crazy scissors? Crimper? What about different drawing materials such as crayons versus oil pastels? Take some time to get a feel of these tools and utensils to expand your art.

Want a unique twist to your cards? Ever heard of shaker cards? Window cards? Did you know you can make Triptych cards that open and close? Come in to learn how to look at ATCs a little differently.

What better time to focus on Holiday cards than the month that kicks off the biggest holidays of the year? We won't just be focusing on Halloween but all holidays of the year. If you want to focus on making some Christmas tags or gifts, this is the month to definitely focus on it! We will have some holiday-specific items to help you make something for (almost) any holiday!

How about some chonky ATCs? The ones that fit the size requirement but aren't going to fit in your ATC storage binder? We'll be looking at stacking some thick layers to give depth to your ATCs. How do we store and display these? You'll have to swing by again next month to find some great ways to show off (or carefully store) your artwork!

Ok, so you've been making cards and collecting cards all year, and now what? Let's look into storage and displays so you can show off your artwork (either cards you have made or cards you have traded for) or store away to keep safe. Depending on your style will surprise you on how you may want to display your collection!

Since this is the last event of the year, during December's event we will be giving away binders with a card sleeve insert so you can start collecting and protecting your cards! Spend the time either making cards or decorating your new chosen binder! This is a great activity for kids of all ages!


Stretch your mind and experiment with what's around you. We will get to try out materials you may see every day around your house and use cheap or free materials to create spectacular results. We will have a unique challenge where you will be able to win something!


Mixed Media

Learn to layer your choice of media switching between watercolors, acrylics, pens, crayons, colored pencils, papers, stickers, embellishments, and more! There will be inspirational references available to you that you can also check out from the library.


Player Made ATCs

We will be creating a simple community game where you get to create either a Hero Character, Enemy Character, Item card, or Event card for our game. If the card fits the requirements for the game, it will be included and professionally printed! You will then be able to purchase the game or print out a copy at home for free!


Specialty Cards


Holiday Cards




Storage & Displays

Will be held in East Annex

Will be held in East Annex

Will be held in East Annex

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