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ATC Crafter's Clique Set 2

Thanks for grabbing Crafter's Clique's kits only grabbed here! There will be unique kits only offered here so make sure you stop by at least once a month!

atc instructions

atc instructions

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Lay Out Your Items

In this kit you are given 2 ATC Blanks, 2 ATC Backings, papers, stickers, and embellishments. It is also in an envelope for you to mail one to someone you care about!

[May want Glue and Scissors]


Pick your Items

Play around with the items you have. What do you want as the backing? What items do you want as accents or designs? Will you use stickers? And what embellishments or words fit best? Arrange them around until you find something you like.



Glue the items down and cut off any pieces hanging off the edges. These cards are 2.5"x3.5" so they may need to be trimmed! When done, sign and date the back of the card.


Create and Send!

Make a second card and send one of them to someone to let them know you are thinking of them! Let's make people smile!

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