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"Watercolor Split!" 

A little bit of watercolor and water can go a long way. Let's play around with some. Just go with the flow and don't worry about detail! You'll just need some water and maybe a napkin

Watercolor split video

Watercolor split video

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Look At Your Materials

Take a look at the items provided. You are given two ATC blanks, two ATC backings, two large "watercolor papers", a small sample card, a paintbrush, two dried watercolor dots on a pallet, and a small sample, 

You will want to grab glue, scissors, water, and a paper towel or napkin.


Test Your Paints

Use your paintbrush, add some water to the paints and test on the small sample card. This piece is for you to see how the paint, brush, water, and paper interact with each other. Test it out quickly before exploring more ideas on the larger card. Try mixing the colors together!


Paint and Dry

Once you have painted the first large card, try something different with the second card. Then let them sit for a few minutes to dry.


Framed Artwork ATC

Once they are dry, cut them both in half long ways [     ] not [x]

Out of the four pieces, pick two that will be mounted on your blank ATC. Glue them down and then sign and date the back! That's it!

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