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"Paper Mosaics!" 

Let's play with brightly colored shapes! How will you arrange your pieces and what design will you create? No need to have any idea in mind when starting, just pick what you like and keep going!

Paper mosaics atc video

Paper mosaics atc video

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Look At Your Materials

Take a look at the items provided. You are given two ATC blanks, two ATC backings, paper shapes, embellishments, and stickers. You will want glue and may want a pen or permanent marker for details.


Pick a Blank and Shapes That Match

Pick out as many of the shapes as you like that you think go well with the color of the background you are using. Arrange the items until you see one you like and glue them down. Take a saying or word and pick a random image to go with it. Glue them down.


Card Two!

Grab the opposite colors that you used last time and pick a design for your other ATC Blank. Arrange until you have a design that you like. Glue it down.



If you want to add a little more, take a pen or permanent marker and doodle some accents! Don't forget to sign and date the back when complete.

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