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"Adult Art Therapy" 

In these kits, we are going to sit back and think a bit about ourselves and "Art it Out". You can either share these, trade them, show them off, or keep them hidden. But these are powerful tools to make connections with others. At some point, you may want to show someone so hold onto them. Take some time to reflect on the answer of the prompts provided to draw an Artist Trading Card of. 

Adult Art Therapy ATC Video

Adult Art Therapy ATC Video

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Look At Your Materials

Take a look at the items provided. There will be different versions to choose from at the Trade Display at Who Gives a SCRAP. 

1) x2 ATC Blanks, x2 ATC Backings, x3 Prompts, A Pen

2) x2 ATC Blanks, x2 ATC Backings, x3 Prompts, A Pen, x3 Coloring Utensils

3) x2 ATC Blanks, x2 ATC Backings, x3 Prompts, Scrapbook Papers (You will need glue or tape)


Pick a Prompt

You'll be given three prompts to choose from. Look at all three and see if you can come up with any ideas for each. You can even do two cards from the same prompt if you want. Experimenting with different ways to respond that are similar but not the same, help stretch your view of yourself.


Test Doodles?

If you aren't sure exactly what you want, grab some scratch paper and just roughly outline shapes or scratch lines of what you are thinking of. Keep it messy. Don't worry about perfection. You want to think 'quick' and move onto the next idea, making adjustments as you move on to each one. Try about three ideas and pick your favorite.



As you create your answer, take note of your results. Each line you make, every colored paper you pick, every mark do is an imprint of YOU. So adjust here and here until you like it. Even if you don't care for it or think it's great, there is someone out there that will love it and be amazed at your work. 



Repeat with the second card: same prompt a different way or a new prompt? Or close your eyes and randomly pick?


Sign and Date

Don't forget to sign and date the back! Or add a pseudonym (fake name) at the least. Don't remember the date? Just add the year is fine!

Useful Resources


Can We Improve?

Let us know what you think so we can make this a better experience!


Thanks for submitting!

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