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The Outskirts of Montañita Ecuador 2020!

This area is still technically the town of Montañita but on the edge almost into the rainforest. There were other homes and hostels along the way but required quite a bit more walking to get to the beach and stores.

I'm going to just show a gallery of some of the streets away from the beach. I don't quite recall what connects where very well but you will be able to get a feel of what this area has to offer versus being in the smack middle of all the action. This area of town we liked the most and would try to walk over here at least once a week.

As you can see there are a lot more natural and fewer homes as well as them being spaced out. Not as many people live out this far so it ends up being very quiet. There were quite a few homes in disarray and being built, possibly from former floods. It looks as if many don't care to put too much effort into fixing their homes...however it makes sense with the cost of each rebuild and the lack of needed resources for each attempt. So moving your desired home further inland may be beneficial if you are looking to find and build something more permanent.

Out around this area of town, we also happened to come across some various fruits. Only two of them were able to take a sample and see what it looked like inside.

Which ones can you name?

All four of these fruits are completely new to us and I don't think I've ever seen them in the USA at all. At least in regular grocery stores, I haven't too closely looked into ethnic markets.

Not to ignore the beautiful flowers and other plants around...look at these beauties!

We have many of these amazing shots for sale if you are interested in something to support us! Please take a look:

Above is the map of the town and we are looking at the northern point on the main street (highlighted in yellow).

Below is TÍA Montañita which is a bit south of the split. Those two roads go to the same place and meet on the other side and head towards Olón.

Once we pass the local supermarket, we approach the split where a large bronze statue resides. To be kind of scares me. Looks better from far away than up close for me. Adds a nice touch to the scenery but I was more interested in using it as a marker for our walks. We took a look inside too: looks like it is falling apart and needs some little fixes. Would be a cool hideout if it weren't for the questionable structure and mess inside.

These two pictures are also the start of a walk towards Olón. We will show a bit of our walk there in a different post! We spent a lot of time on the outskirts wanting to see what more locals see and experience than in the town where tourists usually reside.

Look forward to our upcoming posts about Ecuador! We are reminiscing about our fave trip to Ecuador and hope you will plan a trip to see how amazing this country is!





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