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Best Bakery of Montañita- El Trigal

Here in Montañita, we have a lovely little bakery that we frequently visit. They don't really have an address but can be located off of E15 down Segundo Rosales. It is right by the split and hard to miss. We have a few regulars we prefer as a meal so we haven't tried all the options, but we will before we leave!

I mean, look at them. You can see the best chocolate cake in the top right and underneath is the cheesy bread we use for our tuna sandwiches. We want to try them all, but some have become favorites, and can't resist getting them again and again.

We have tried a few that we forgot to take pictures of. Some were just so enticing we ate first and thought later! Though these aren't always the order when being sold, this was the order of what is shown in the picture. The top row is the breakfast one that has ham and egg in it. In the second row, the triangles had some cheesy and unknown filling. We forgot to ask and it was so good we honestly didn't care. The long ones next to the triangles we have not tried yet (and looks to have more underneath). The puffy squares are our favorites and we would rather not eat at a special restaurant for the week to have a few meals of these each week. They have delicious pollo (chicken) inside and we will show you that one more later.

Top of the counter is a pineapple upside-down cake, also delicious. They also have a spinning display to the right that shows more choices. In the first picture above and behind my husband, there is a circular display that carries products that need to be refrigerated. Cheesecakes, puddings, and other options are rotating around and around~ We finally snagged an oreo cheesecake and forgot to take the picture again. See? I tried!

It's just so good. After what seems like a long walk back, we can't wait much longer!

Below are our favorites and we forgot to take pictures of them about 8 times. Usually, about halfway through, we realized we wanted to share what these looked like inside and how amazingly delicious they are. Two of these cost us $2.50 which sometimes satisfied us as a meal. They are very flaky and well prepared. Never a disappointment with over 10 sampled so far (for each of us!).


No. No that's not what it's called. We are just crazy about this chicken pastry. We just communicate with the lady 'pollo' and she immediately knows what we want. I'm not sure if there is a proper name for them as she also just refers to them as 'pollo' when confirming that's what we want every time we show up. Look below, doesn't that look good? The chicken is so soft and full of savory flavor!

They also occasionally have wrapped brownies which weren't my favorite...nothing compared to that chocolate cake. Sometimes we wonder if they think we are pigs since we order one each frequently. Averaging out to about 3-4 times a week. The brownies were $.75 each and the cake, a whopping $1 each. The cake is totally worth it and ends ay meal right!

As you can see below, the cheesy bread is also offered here. We purchase them to add an extra "oomph" to our tuna sandwiches. If you want the recipe just follow this link!

Thanks for stopping by and going over this great little bakery with us. We hope they stay in business long after our return back to Ecuador in the future!





Thanks for stopping by!

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