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Our Story

Our Wild Ride

We have been through a lot. Like I mean a LOT. Now we aren't going to say we have been through more than others out there, but let's just say that whenever we go into our individual stories and our married story, people are just amazed. It's not a pretty story, but it's intense and real.

And you know what? After 20+ years, we are finally going to have to agree. Some have even stated that we need to write a book about our lives.


Maybe one day.

So we wanted to share our story and hopefully inspire, teach, or motivate you to help better your life in a way that is sustainable and optimally beneficial by showing you what we have gone through.

Because of our extensive knowledge in many areas and with a complex life, we are also open for consulting if you need expert insight on our experiences for your own understanding or projects. (i.e. needing to know the inner details of what it means to live with disassociation disorders for a written character suffering with it).




Michelle Born

Michelle was born in California as an only child until age 12. Little brother was adopted from South Korea. Four years later, little sister was adopted from Hefei, China. It was very lonely growing up and Michelle mostly spent time alone and eventually soon rarely left her room. While other kids were hanging out with friends and hitting their social milestones, Michelle barely spent any time outside more than what was absolutely necessary out of paralyzing anxiety and creeping depression.


John Born

John was born in Colorado as the second oldest child, the oldest male child in a family of 10 kids. It was a struggle growing up with barely enough resources to live without stress or fear. Childhood was a blur and filled with traumatic events that just seemed like the regular. Homeschooled and highly intelligent, he also struggled to find a friend group he could relate with or keep.


Michelle Fled

Back in 2014, Michelle had been going in and out of a domestically violent relationship that sent her to the hospital. Eventually, she got a DV restraining order. Her and her family moved out to Colorado to break the repeating cycles. Recovery was a huge struggle and extremely bleak.


John Military

John had been kicked out of by his parents due to drinking problems and joined the Army (National Guard).  He had been staying with his grandparents while training and went in and out of his own toxic relationship. 


They Met

Neither of us were social, so meeting people in person for the first time and chatting was not going to happen. So we met online through a dating/socializing app. By this point, we were not expecting anything remotely worthwhile and just looking to kill time. But our first conversation had us talking about our mental health and life struggles. First time we ever found someone we could easily chat with. So we met a few days after that.


First Meeting

Both of us get easily drained being around others. Within an hour is about when we feel extremely drained being social. Even people we WANT to be around, it exhausts us. So when I say that we were shocked that after five hours had passed, we still weren't tired! Ever since then we had been stuck at the hip. Never going a day without talking (except for the 3 day military training he had to go to).



We were the 'old couple' by our 3rd month of dating. We talked about EVERYTHING and anything, meaning that all of the main topics you need to talk about before getting married (kids, finances, work etc) we had already covered. Now it was just waiting for time to pass to prove we knew we found the ONE person made for us. And daily we still witness this phenomenon!

More About Us In Time To Come...

Best Friends First

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